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the evening before All Saints' Day

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Pirates and Pixies, A Halloween at High Seas' at F1 Hotel, Oct.
For young children, many Halloween train rides can offer a great alternative to creepy Halloween events.
Children get into the spirit of things at a Halloween event organised by the National Trust
PRINCETON, NJ -- "Trick or treat" may be the most common greeting Americans will receive when they open their doors to little ghosts and goblins on Halloween night.
If you want to keep things simpler, offer a chili or stew bar and set out lots of toppings like chopped tomatoes, green onions, olives and sour cream, along with cheese slice cutouts in Halloween themes.
We're talking about perhaps the biggest gay holiday of the year--bigger than gay pride, because even self-conscious straight people can celebrate Halloween with us without fear.
Bob Brourman, president and owner of Fragile, an upscale tabletop store in Atlanta, who "didn't even carry Halloween merchandise two years ago," said he saw his Halloween sales increase by as much as 30 percent this year.
Halloween comes from two words, hallow, another word for saint, coupled with a derivation of eve.
Cougar," and Dierdre Kona as "Pink Lady" have been selected among many submitted entries to showcase their electrifying use of wigs and hair fashion accessories to complete their Halloween costumes.
For those looking to stay in on Halloween AMC has you covered with its (http://www.
Kids are in for a Halloween treat this October and November at DreamPlay, City of Dreams Manila.
com today is giving everyone a better way to present, welcome friends, neighbors or visitors for the Halloween celebration.
Every year for the last 10 years, we have always done something for Halloween,'' said the 25-year-old, who works for an aviation company.
Mom and Family Portfolio of Web Sites Offer Halloween Themed Crafts, Recipes, Contests and more
Living in New York City and need some solid party plans for Halloween weekend?