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a shout or song of praise to God

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Here is the conclusion of a poem, significantly entitled Halleluja, which rejects Hellenic civilization, with its focus on beauty and art, in favor of a God who breathed into man His own spirit, which Heine proclaims to be the breath of love rather than life (alluding to Genesis 2:7): (12)
As the title suggests, this is a live album Best Of taken from his performances in 2008 and 2009, including classic songs such as Bird On The Wire, Chelsea Hotel, Halleluja and Suzanne.
appeared after a Swedish singing group returned from a visit to South Africa singing songs such as Siyahamba, Halleluja Pelo Tsa Rona, and Freedom is Coming.
ONE of these little bundles of joy will sing Halleluja on Mother's Day for the rest of his life.
Junior left to pursue a solo career in the Seventies, releasing an album called Second Time Around which produced successful singles Halleluja Freedom and Sweet Illusion.
Halleluja and Amen, If you like this poem you can read it again.