Haliotis tuberculata

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an abalone found near the Channel Islands


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Effect on in vitro exposure to zinc on immunological parameters of hemocytes from the marine gastropod Haliotis tuberculata.
Summer immune depression associated with increased susceptibility of the European abalone, Haliotis tuberculata to Vibrio harveyi infection.
The neutral red retention assay has been successfully applied to the European abalone Haliotis tuberculata (Travers et al.
KEY WORDS: abalone, crustose coralline algae, Ulvella lens, Ulva rigida, settlement, early growth and survival, biochemical composition, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea
Paralytic shellfish poisons of ormer, Haliotis tuberculata, from Spain.
KEY WORDS: abalone, oogenesis, spawning season, fecundity, growth, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea
KEY WORDS: abalone larvae, crustose coralline algae, Ulvella lens, diatoms, GABA, mucus, settlement, early growth, survival, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea
Influence of cryoprotective agent and cooling rate on frozen and thawed hemocytes from the mollusk Haliotis tuberculata.
ABSTRACT The efficacy of clove oil as an anesthetic was evaluated in adult Haliotis tuberculata coccinea (shell length, 42-80 mm) and was compared with the commonly used 2-phemoxyethanol.
A quantitative genetic analysis of juvenile growth for the abalone Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus.
In Haliotis tuberculata (Linnaeus, 1758), this process implies the production of calcium carbonate grains at the connective tissue and the generation of blood cells and activation of the immune system for the calcium carbonate translocation.
Genetic variation at three polymorphic loci in wild and hatchery stocks of the abalone, Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus.