Haliotis tuberculata

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an abalone found near the Channel Islands


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Evidence for a direct link between stress and immunity in the mollusc Haliotis tuberculata.
Influence of temperature and spawning effort on Haliotis tuberculata mortalities caused by Vibrio harveyi: an example of emerging vibriosis linked to global warming.
Comparative studies on the nutrition of on two species of abalone, Haliotis tuberculata L.
Suitability of three red macroalgae as feed for the abalone Haliotis tuberculata coccinea Reeve.
Comparative studies on the nutrition of species of abalone, Haliotis tuberculata L.
When Crofts (1937, 1955) did her classic studies of larval development and muscle morphogenesis in Haliotis tuberculata and several other archaeogastropods, her analysis was restricted to observations on live larvae and paraffin sections and she was not able to prevent muscle contraction during chemical fixation (Crofts, 1937, p.
As with the findings of Koike (1978) in Haliotis tuberculata, cephalic tentacles, foot, and operculum appearance were noticed in posttorsional veligers in H.
Wild abalone (Haliotis rubra, Haliotis gigantea, Haliotis midae, Haliotis tuberculata, and Haliotis spp.
2008), who concluded that effectively all hemocytes in Haliotis tuberculata were hyalinocytes and therefore capable of taking up neutral red into lysosomes.
ABSTRACT Settlement of Haliotis tuberculata coccinea larvae was examined in the presence ofc rustose coralline algae (CCA), Ulvella lens, and Ulva rigida.
Paralytic shellfish poisoning in Haliotis tuberculata from the Galician coast: geographical distribution, toxicity by lengths and parts of the mollusc.
The experimental culture of Haliotis tuberculata coccinea is carried out at the Institute of Marine Science of Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, Spain) based on specimens captured in their natural habitat and conditioned as broodstock.
Chromosomes from male gonads of Haliotis tuberculata and Haliotis lamellosa (Haliotidae, Archeogastropoda, Mollusca).
ABSTRACT The abalone, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea has been considered in the Canary Islands as a potential candidate species for aquaculture to restock its natural ecosystem.