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provincial capital and largest city of Nova Scotia

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On the transfer of the archives to Halifax, this package, proving to be of no public concern, was left behind, and had remained ever since unopened.
Assembly Minister for Social Justice Ms Hart said that as Price reportedly started taking cash in 2001, there must be questions over why it was not until 2004 that Halifax auditors began their investigation.
The Company believes that if mobile oil can be demonstrated outside of local structural closure at Halifax, then the Lancaster Field could extend further north east along the Rona Ridge.
KNOWING the course worked wonders for Halifax Ogden pairing Melissa Fletcher and Denise Conner.
ON June 13 I bought PS1,501 of foreign currency at the Post Office, paying with my Halifax MasterCard credit card.
The pair were sacked by FC Halifax Town in September, Aspin after six successful years, that included three promotions.
Halifax, part of the British government backed lender Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY), on Thursday revealed that it continues to be one of the most switched to banks on the high street.
com)-- Mike Linton, Team leader of the Mike Linton Team, says this website was custom built on behalf of the Mike Linton Team to help consumers search condos for sale in the MG on the Halifax near Daytona Beach FL.
This week (May 9) in 1940, in a meeting between British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, and First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, Churchill did something he had rarely, if ever, done before.
A LIVERPOOL-based maritime advisory firm and consultancy has been appointed to promote Canada's Halifax Port Authority across Europe.
Recommendation Halifax-12 3pts10-11 general CO-OPERATIVECHAMPIONSHIP DEWSBURYv HALIFAX 7.
Halifax Media's CEO, Michael Redding of Daytona Beach, Fla.
Canadian carrier WestJet on Friday announced plans to launch its additional non-stop service to sun destinations from Halifax, Moncton and St.
Like earlier chroniclers, Raddall presented Halifax as a "warrior city" known for its military and naval establishment and evolving through distinct imperial and Canadian stages of development.
Global Iron Holdings, the acquisition arm of Global Equity Capital, has finalised the purchase of Halifax Corporation of Virginia (AMEX:HX), a logistics and maintenance solutions company, Halifax said yesterday.