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a salt of any halogen acid

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But the next component to flux designation, L, M or H, which describes the flux's activity level as low, medium or high, and the final component, 0 or 1, which indicates halide content, are affected by the new revision.
Please excuse my ignorance but I was reading "Products in Practices" (LD+A, March) and don't understand how a 200-W CFL is a replacement for a 1,000-W metal halide.
Said and coworkers [15] used electrochemical techniques to study the effect of halides on the corrosion of nickel in 1 M sulphuric acid medium.
Christopher Voigt and colleagues note in the new study that using crop waste to produce methyl halides is one of the most attractive ways of transforming biomass into liquid fuels and chemical raw materials now derived from petroleum.
In broad terms, halogens are associated with PWBs and components, while halides are associated with soldering operations.
Also an excellent choice for retrofitting high bay metal halides in warehouses and industrial facilities, take a look at what high output T-5s can do:
Your film is a plastic strip, which is coated with light-sensitive silver halide crystals that float in a hardened gelatin.
Field tests that measure the methyl halides escaping from soil are needed to determine whether the fungi indeed contribute significant amounts of ozone-destroying gases, he adds.
Organic halides include fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.
A University of California Irvine (UCI) study shows that the world's rice paddies emit methyl halide gases that contribute to stratospheric ozone depletion.
By choosing the right combination of metal halides within the arc tube, it is possible to obtain light of almost any color, including white light that mimics sunlight.
Metal halides produce an abundance of light in the blue spectrum.
Halide salts constitute a class of hydrogen-containing compounds that may be generated when halides react with aluminum.
While metal alloys may differ in high radiation stability, solid solutions based on alkali halides are very radiation-sensitive materials.
Metal halides need time to warm up and cool down if you turn them on and off, then back on again immediately," says Weiss.