slippery dick

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small wrasse of tropical Atlantic

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Unidentified anglefish Pomacentridae, Damselfishes 119 Abudefduf saxatilis Sergeant major Labridae, Wrasses 120 Bodianus rufus Spanish hogfish 121 Halichoeres bivittatus Slippery dick 122 Halichoeres radiatus Puddingwife 123 Halichoeres spp.
Unidentified grunt 53 Haemulon striatum Striped grunt 54 Halichoeres bivittatus Slippery dick 55 Halichoeres radiatus Puddingwife 56 Halichoeres spp.
sighted it amongst a school of Slippery Dicks, Halichoeres bivittatus (Bloch) and kept an eye on it for an extended period of time.