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having caterpillar treads on the rear and wheels in front


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These Czech-built halftracks were modified by the original factory to look exactly like those used by the Wehrmacht during World War II.
Ever since I first saw a halftrack in a war film as a boy, I've wanted one.
The 2nd Armor 82nd Recon Group of Hopkinton was the largest American contingent, which brought two Sherman M-4 tanks, a halftrack with four .
Can Beetle, Otto, Zero, General Halftrack, Miss Buxley and the rest of the troops at Camp Swampy survive without Sarge?
3) General Halftrack (assisted by Sgt Snorkel & Beetle Bailey).
Bazemore nearly halted the streak when he held a slight advantage at halftrack before losing traction just past the 700-foot mark and slowing to a 5.
After having my plan foiled multiple times, I was thrilled by the animation payoff of seeing my green men loading boxes of gold colored plastic into my halftrack.
3) A different kind of souped-up vehicle, a World War II anti-aircraft halftrack, attracts attention at the event.
2-second lead over Force at halftrack but had a supercharger explosion and watched Force squeak by.
That was a ride,'' said Dixon, who rode out a wheelstand near halftrack.
This is just fantastic,'' said Cowin, who was running 278 mph at halftrack.
Russell, who beat Tony Schumacher in the semifinals, nearly made it a moot point before losing a blower belt near halftrack, which allowed Scelzi to slip by with a subpar 4.