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having caterpillar treads on the rear and wheels in front


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These Czech-built halftracks were modified by the original factory to look exactly like those used by the Wehrmacht during World War II.
6) When it came to African automobile travel in the inter-war period the French were far in advance of the British, after the Citroen company developed halftrack vehicles especially designed for the Sahara crossing.
The National Automobile Museum boasts a Nazi motorcycle halftrack that was 'liberated' from a Wehrmacht patrol that foolishly tried to 'invade' Andorra during the Second World War.
THE halftrack was manufactured in 1943 and more than likely saw combat in the war with the British Army.
system at General Halftrack Proving Grounds, Ground Zero, Nevada," but chances are you can check out the local bars and save yourself a road trip.
It doesn't matter that General Halftrack is labeled as a fool and a lecher; if he merely looks at Miss Buxley I am labeled a sexist.
Take General Halftrack in Beetle Bailey; he is a great guy -- always waiting for a letter from the Pentagon.
Halftrack with incomprehensible computer-generated information, the General decides it's time to bring in the big guns to help him keep up with the times.
The front sight is fully hooded, the rear sight is flip adjustable for range, and the barrel incorporates a resting bar that helps keep the muzzle outside the halftrack when the gun is fired over an armor shield.
The 2nd Armor 82nd Recon Group of Hopkinton was the largest American contingent, which brought two Sherman M-4 tanks, a halftrack with four .
f) Pilot Officer Prune; (g) Beetle Bailey (Sgt Snorkel, Gen Halftrack, et al)
Can Beetle, Otto, Zero, General Halftrack, Miss Buxley and the rest of the troops at Camp Swampy survive without Sarge?
This same mistake undertaken in combat with a fully automatic submachine gun within the confines of an armored halftrack would be catastrophic.
Bazemore nearly halted the streak when he held a slight advantage at halftrack before losing traction just past the 700-foot mark and slowing to a 5.
After having my plan foiled multiple times, I was thrilled by the animation payoff of seeing my green men loading boxes of gold colored plastic into my halftrack.