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Synonyms for halftone

a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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FM halftoning via block error diffusion, Image Processing, 2001.
RCT claimed Epson uses RCT's patented technology for halftoning color and gray-scale images in a variety of its inkjet printers.
Using Epson's Advanced Micro Piezo(TM) ink jet technology and AcuPhoto Halftoning, the Stylus Photo 875DCS takes advantage of an advanced six-color photo ink system for virtually continuous tone, the smoothest gradations, beautiful skin tones, sharp contrast and an ultrawide color range designed ideally for photography.
As a result of the settlement, HP has taken a license under RCT's halftoning patents including the blue noise mask patents developed at New York's University of Rochester by Dr.
Agfa Balanced Screening is the result of years of research, development and experience, by Agfa, in the high-end of the graphic arts market," said Paul Delabastita, Agfa's R&D manager for color and halftoning.
6 billion RISC instructions per second, the PM-48 is optimized for image processing-intensive operations such as scanner correction, color space and resolution conversion, scaling, rotation, filtering and halftoning.
5,287,195 covers Xionics' SuperMultigray(tm) screening technology, a specialized halftoning method that preserves excellent edge quality while maintaining a large range of tone, allowing users to achieve superior print quality.