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Synonyms for halftone

a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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In reality, 20[micro] stochastic is not directly comparable to 150 lpi halftone screening.
With the ability to image to the substrate being printed, using the same halftone screening as is used in plate imaging or engraving, with repeatable color fidelity, digital halftone proofing holds an edge over the emerging ink jet methods.
But in fact, the halftone screening methods used in any process reduce the tonal range, detail reproduction and color palette available to a printer and consequently the degree of fidelity to a photographic original.
This Graphic Arts Package (MSRP $5595) is specifically designed for the color critical user, and includes: Soft Proofing, for facilitating customer approvals; Spot-on Color Matching for easier color management, customization, and adjustment of named Pantone colors; Hot Folders setting to automate the printing process for anything from job imposition to media thickness; Halftone screening capabilities to simulate the final screened result that will be imaged on films or plates; and Paper Simulation to simulate the media that will be used when printing i.
covering a patent portfolio directed to methods for digital halftone screening.