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complete reversal of direction of travel

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King, Half-turn symmetric alternating sign matrices and Tokuyama type factorisation for orthogonal group characters, arXiv:1402.
The combinatorial objects we deal with can also be described differently; in fact, they can be interpreted at least three different ways: as compass point matrices (CPM), as half-turn ASM, or as shifted tableaux.
Consider the odd-sided half-turn alternating sign matrices A with special central column ([0.
Left or right side, he has the ability to take it on the half-turn and for us, how we play, that hurts the opposition.
If she made 982 half-turns, we know which way she would face.
The half-turn that led to the equaliser was a touch of real quality.
That has to apply to every situation, and Walker took advantage of Coleman and Jagielka being on the half-turn when he played in Emmanuel Adebayor.
By the end, even first-timers are clamoring for more quarter-turn and half-turn jumps, Hogan said.
The Gunners always have a Kanu or a Bergkamp in the hole to link play, leaving Henry - already on the half-turn - ready to use his pace.