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a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead

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He added: "The SNP have taken refuge behind a script which lurches between dodgy half-truths and downright lies.
According to new research by psychologists at Carnegie Mellon University, Mark Twain was right: A half-truth feels worse than a total lie.
According to Popovski, the half-truth became dominant manner of the political and media scene in Macedonia.
Half-truths And White Lies is a story of love, betrayal and sacrifice.
Better to get the truth out now rather than endure a summer drip-feed of half-truths.
In keeping with author Dan Brown's reputation for using controversial facts and half-truths, it seems that Galileo didn't write a book called "Diagramma Veritatis," but he did write "Discorsi e Dimostrazioni Matem-atiche," which was published by the House of Elzevir in 1638.
While Jim Cutter, attempts to clear his son's name, he has to contend with lies, confusion and half-truths.
For the record, I don't know what half-truths he's talking about, and I'm not accustomed to being lectured on truth-telling by convicted criminals.
He was constantly quoted in the press and shown on TV repeating the same lies or half-truths.
Bush and Blair live in such a closed world of darkness and half-truths that it is only by the use of such childlike terms that they can retreat back into the security and unreality of the nursery.
The history and interpretation of the Arab-Israeli conflict is already drowning in half-truths, suppositions, and self-serving myths; more are not necessary.
Line by line he dissects the half-truths and distortions in this cartoon version of Rosa Parks' story and helps teachers find ways of sharing the historical truth about Mrs.
Comper believed that it was by beauty that hearts and minds were won, and that it was by mediocrity, half-truths, and ugliness that they were turned away.
The documentary begins by telling the story through the eyes and voices of these determined wives and mothers who refuse to be bullied or cajoled into silence or tricked into accepting half-truths and lies for answers.
We know why proponents rely instead on disinformation and half-truths -- and so do they, despite their protestations.