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having caterpillar treads on the rear and wheels in front


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Within moments, they had knocked out two tanks and one half-track, killing and injuring many German soldiers.
After 1945 Roadless half-track versions were sold off as war surplus, some with instructions for dismantling the one-tonne, hand-operated,front-mountedcrane, which was used for loading bombs.
50-calibre machine-guns mounted on their half-tracks.
Autocar trucks were considered instrumental to the Allied forces' efforts in both World Wars, particularly the more than 12,000 half-tracks it built for use in World War II.
The center's shopping list includes Sherman tanks, half-tracks, and armored cars.
These teams were supported by Sturmtigers (similar to the old CEV), remote-controlled vehicles, and pioneer half-tracks firing heavy rockets (nicknamed "Foot Stukas").
gun in its turret) and four half-tracks armed with 50 caliber machine guns out the gate and down to a bridge over the Rhine River and save that bridge from the Russians -- either shoot them down if they flew in low or mow them down if they attacked on land.
Players from around the world log into the 24/7/365 battle where they can fly fighters and bombers, drive tanks and half-tracks, command carrier task forces, man light and heavy naval guns, or make torpedo runs in a PT boat.
Each sunup, an army patrol usually with two armored half-tracks (vintage WWII) patrolled the river-skirting track.
and even more half-tracks - flush him out into the desolate open landscape.
Soldiers unloaded the military equipment the way the half-tracks and airplanes and civilian stevedores unloaded the general cargo.