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having exposed wood framing with spaces filled with masonry, as in Tudor architecture


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Yet it was built in the antique style of a Jacobean manor with half-timbering that Shakespeare might have recognised.
Another is a black-and-white cottage, showing signs of restoration at various periods because locomotive sparks used to keep setting the thatch and the half-timbering on fire.
Nor did the architects of the next generation, such as Norman Shaw, who evolved a more sophisticated domestic style based on the rural vernacular of half-timbering and tile-hanging.
It fulfils many people's idea of the perfect village, with its romantically styled Arts and Crafts houses, built in a cohesive variety of very appealing designs in half-timbering, red brick and stone.
It is typified by half-timbering, herring-bone brickwork, leaded windows, gabled porches and red brick or pebble-dash walls.
However, the half-timbering peels off to reveal a pub of the 1820s, first called The Minerva Vaults.
Lots of cream rendered brickwork, half-timbering, dormer roofs and enough UPVC windows to rebuild a naff Crystal Palace (as in the world's biggest conservatory, not the soccer team).
There is much half-timbering in the house, particularly in the 35ft by 20ft billiard room, which has an open-framed ceiling with a central skylight.