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Synonyms for semitone

the musical interval between adjacent keys on a keyboard instrument

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Not wanting to see an inside fastball, I moved a half-step away from the plate.
Europe may have made a small step, even a half-step, but so significant.
By applying this formula to the known parameters it gives that for each half-step of the motor, the spool moves by 0.
75 percent half-step increases in 2007 and 2008, and a 4 percent raise retroactive to Oct.
Jeremy Northam plays Mark the director, who's only a half-step away from being Michael Winterbottom, while Kelly Macdonald plays
4 mm unit can drive unipolar stepper motors in full 2-phase, full 1-phase and half-step modes using an easy-to-use command set.
I can guarantee that your field crews have lost a half-step.
Result is a career half-step backward by a nevertheless promising director-producer.
It is capable of 5 microns of linear resolution in the half-step mode.
We're working parallel to or a half-step behind the carriers," he said.
Thomas primarily exploits half-step relationships, opening the piece with an eleven-note, nonrepeating row that emphasizes the interval by moving from [MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and so on.
But in the last year, marketers have taken a half-step back, likely due to the number of snapforms and professional courtesy offers that have become popular.
Donifer cautions that the proposed reductions will slow but not stop the gradual accumulation of long-lived CFCs in the stratosphere and calls the protocol "a major half-step forward.
As the Childrens Commissioner and past Youth Court Judge Andrew Beecroft pointed out The change half-step, and not full step, to include youth justice seems to us to be burdensome.
If you name intervals by their half-step content, a minor second is 1, major second is 2, minor third is 3 and so on.