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Synonyms for semitone

the musical interval between adjacent keys on a keyboard instrument

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Against England, it seems as though the half-step was designed to induce Joe Marler into his muchpublicised angling and the Aussies then neutralised that by tightly driving across at Dan Cole, leaving Marler sticking out like a sore thumb.
Chivas defender Jonathan Bornstein appeared to have a half-step on Wondolowski, but somehow Bornstein's attempt at clearing the ball clipped Wondolowski, who was awarded a penalty kick.
Developed and maintained by a community of user-fans, the game reflects a crowded design ethos that is only a half-step above a typical MySpace page.
Hit an A-flat, one half-step down, and a different string vibrates at around 422 cycles per second, a difference of only eighteen cycles per second, or hertz.
By applying this formula to the known parameters it gives that for each half-step of the motor, the spool moves by 0.
6 Loefah, "Ruffage"/"Mud" (DMZ) Dubstep's master of sparse half-step comes with his signature sound: bulldozer sub-bass and a snare like a smack to the face.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, from the competing Fatah movement, has tried repeatedly to win Hamas's agreement on a new unity government that would indirectly recognize Israel, a half-step that might lure back some desperately needed European aid.
Jeremy Northam plays Mark the director, who's only a half-step away from being Michael Winterbottom, while Kelly Macdonald plays
The industry surely hopes this voluntary half-step will forestall efforts to get soda out of all schools," nutrition policy director at CSP Margo Wootan told Reuters.
Now the T-model setting can be in Open G, the Spank model can be tuned a half-step down, and the Lester model can go to Drop D.
After days of heightened tensions, Taiwan's raucous Parliament took a half-step back from an immediate confrontation with China last week by modifying a bill which may have allowed a referendum on independence.
It is capable of 5 microns of linear resolution in the half-step mode.
We're working parallel to or a half-step behind the carriers," he said.
Thomas primarily exploits half-step relationships, opening the piece with an eleven-note, nonrepeating row that emphasizes the interval by moving from [MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and so on.