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a musical note having the time value of half a whole note


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The original notation of the Gloria, for example, employed a half-note pulse that was, because of the visual appearance in notation, misunderstood as a quarter-note pulse.
Carefully remove each half-note from your gamecard and attach it to the corresponding cash panel on your wallchart by moistening the sticky panel, making sure you position the left and right halves correctly.
Corrected in A(3) 2/2/i/85 17/3/5 full-bar rest c Yes added in left hand 2/2/i/95 17/4/3 full-bar rest c Yes added in left hand 2/2/i/95 17/4/3 stem direction p No changed on descending eighths 2/2/i/106 17/5/2 E changed to c Yes half-note 2/2/i/110 17/5/6 E changed to c Yes half-note 2/2/i/l 83-18599(1 ) 19/1/8-10 addition of p No eighth-rest?
In four-four time, the poetic feet of the first two lines unfold at a leisurely half-note pace, and the harmony remains in the tonic.
To demonstrate the fundamental importance of rhythm in music, play for your beginning student the melody of Jingle Bells using an incorrect rhythm--perhaps 3/4 time with a quarter-note, half-note pattern--and ask the student to identify the tune.
Can the use of a rhythmic pattern of a half-note, dotted quarter-note and two sixteenth-notes in its opening bars be anything but a nod in Mendelssohn's direction?
Recitative barlines were treated in a cavalier fashion in all Italian operas of this time; the C mensuration in recitatives did not distinguish between the accentuation of the first and the second half-note, and rather corresponded to our [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The rising and falling octave scales upon which this section is built, in a consistent half-note, quarter-note rhythm, are articulated in the first Artaria edition of 1799 by slurs covering each individual measure.
Much of the writing here resembles program notes "The rivers' flow is depicted with undulating parallel sixth chords in eighths and triplet eighths, the depth of the murky water is conveyed by the underlying steady half-note chords in the very lowest register, blurred by long pedals" (p.
When the soprano voices and oboes enter with the chorale melody in half-notes, the rest of the vocal ensemble supports the cantus firmus in block homophony and is joined with a return of the lively ritornello material in the violins.
Rhythmically, the note values of I Love You are mainly quarter-notes, with some eighth- and half-notes.
He was too shocked to protest, his large brown eyes fixed on the half-notes in each of Peter's raised hands.
The object was to feel the difference in the energy used to pass the ball to the next person on half-notes, quarters, eighths, even whole notes.
The metric (and tactus) units for Italian (and non-Italian) galliards, to judge by contemporary music, theory and dance sources, is normally three half-notes per "bar.