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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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On a high-density half-inch tape cartridge, assuming the customer uses a cartridge to write at least 10GB per week, durability lifetime ranges are projected to run from 10 to 30 years.
The latest version of IBM's enterprise class half-inch tape, 3590 model H, features native capacity of 60GB with transfer rates of 14MB/sec, representing a 50% increase over previous versions.
The successful introduction of half-inch tape, SATA disk and AES-256 bit encryption products has rounded out our customer base significantly.
In the 1960s, the half-inch tape format was introduced which eventually lead to the quarter-inch tape format in the '70s.
Advanced Tape-cutting Mechanics, developed by Fujifilm engineers, increases the precision of the "slitting" blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls, a critical quality factor for maintaining consistent, stable media in every cartridge.
The norm in this market has been a succession of modest performance increases--new variations on familiar half-inch tape cartridges and linear-serpentine recording, such as Super DLT 320 and LTO Ultrium generation 2.
Hiroyuki Minamiya, senior marketing manager of OEM tape storage solutions at Sony Electronics said, "SAIT-1 drives offer capacity and performance not feasible with other current half-inch tape technologies.
I think I started back in 1963, and IBM kept working on tape, half-inch tape.
The new Spectra(R) T120 automated tape library provides incredible storage density in only 14U and the same rich features found in the Spectra T950 tape library, where a single frame holds almost 1,000 half-inch tape cartridges.