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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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According to Steve Baker, vice president for Tape Storage Solutions at Sony Electronics' Business Systems and Solutions Company, SAIT technology enables Sony and its OEM partners the ability to offer storage solutions not feasible with today's half-inch tape technologies.
AIT-4's speed, capacity and reasonable price keeps 8mm competitive against half-inch tape formats," said Nathan Thompson, chief executive officer of Spectra Logic Corporation.
If a half-inch tape cartridge is dropped, there is always a possibility that the media inside may have been damaged.
Developed by Fujifilm engineers, this process increases the precision of the "slitting" blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls.
Ideal for end-users that have outgrown DDS or DAT and do not prefer larger, bulkier, or more expensive half-inch tape formats.
The latest version of IBM's enterprise class half-inch tape, 3590 model H, features native capacity of 60GB with transfer rates of 14MB/sec, representing a 50% increase over previous versions.
The successful introduction of half-inch tape, SATA disk and AES-256 bit encryption products has rounded out our customer base significantly.
Decades of experience strengthen the company's current data media capabilities, which range from 8mm to half-inch tape, and from single-spool to two-spool designs.
In the 1960s, the half-inch tape format was introduced which eventually lead to the quarter-inch tape format in the '70s.
Advanced Tape-cutting Mechanics, developed by Fujifilm engineers, increases the precision of the "slitting" blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls, a critical quality factor for maintaining consistent, stable media in every cartridge.
Sony's current family of more than 20 data media formats ranges from 8mm to half-inch tape storage cartridges, and encompasses both metal evaporated and metal particle media technologies.
The norm in this market has been a succession of modest performance increases--new variations on familiar half-inch tape cartridges and linear-serpentine recording, such as Super DLT 320 and LTO Ultrium generation 2.