half hitch

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a knot used to fasten a rope temporarily to an object

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Once all pearls are strung, she doubles back, knotting after each pearl with a half-hitch around the existing thread.
In the macrame section, you'll learn a half-hitch knot and a double half-hitch knot, along with the square knot and the half knot.
Instructor Steve Carper began with a couple of knots that almost everyone already has command of: the overhand, perhaps the simplest knot of all (it's the one that extension cords and garden hoses somehow tie themselves into); and the half-hitch, which is nothing more than an overhand knot tied around another object (such as another length of rope).
In its half-hitch version, however, the overhand knot is suitable for tying a rope to a stone, tree or car bumper.