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brother or sister


  • brother or sister

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My two boys Shane and Jake, and my daughter Ciara are half siblings, but for my sons, Ciara is just their little sister.
Kourtney's whole family Sisters Kim and Khloe, brother Rob, younger half siblings Kendall and Kylie, mother Kris Jenner and long-term boyfriend Scott Disick were all inside the delivery room to see the birth of little Penelope Scotland," the Daily Mail reported.
But now his three half siblings - the children from Earl Woods' first marriage - have revealed they've not heard from the multimillionaire since the death of their father in 2006.
The risk of drug abuse was significantly elevated in the adopted offspring of biological parents who were abusing drugs; in biological full and half siblings of adopted children with drug abuse; and in adoptive siblings of adopted children with drug abuse.
This study examines family ties and sibling relationships (full siblings, half siblings, and step siblings) in remarried families in the US.
They decide to form a club to understand and share their experiences, from custody battles to step parents and half siblings, and discover shared strengths in the process in this fine young adult story.
He and his three younger half siblings wound up living with a family in the South Bronx and Lebron began hanging out with a gang.
As Briscoe continues with a flurry of egos, name brands, fears, loves and losses, Can't Get Enough explores the stresses of divorce, half siblings and girlfriends as well as new friends, new beginnings, old hates and evil schemes.
It was normal to have mom and dad living apart, maybe even in different states, and to have stepparents and ex-stepparents, half siblings or mom's boyfriend and dad's girlfriend.