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Synonyms for half-breed

an offensive term for an offspring of parents of different races (especially of Caucasian and American Indian ancestry)

(of animals) having only one purebred parent

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The half breed was sitting next to me and taking my six-shooter drew a bead on "Old Meat in the Pot" and told me not to be afraid.
the issue of scrip is a measure of public policy for the purpose of satisfying a class of the community who have certain aboriginal rights which it is in the general interest that that class should recognize as having been properly and fully extinguished it is the part of wisdom to do beyond the letter of the obligation of the State towards them in order to ensure the entire satisfaction of all the Half Breeds rather than to leave any room for agitation through a strict adherence to the letter of the obligation.
Chief Half Breed, appears in a film by Tal Yarden, shot in black and white with a newsreel feel.
in Toronto, which was changed in August because one person (and that person's like-minded friends) decided it just wasn't right that one of the burgers there was called The Dirty Drunken Half Breed.
Her native Indian outfit from her 1970s hit Half Breed is one of those given the full Barbie treatment.
Yesterday, the Welsh Half Breed Society announced details of screen auctions in mid September at St Asaph and Builth Wells, while the Welsh Mule Sheep Breeders Association plans similar sales at Ruthin and Welshpool But WHBS secretary Gill Napper said no one was sure whether the sales - the first of their type in Wales - would be sanctioned in time by the National Assembly.
There should also be a rule to make it compulsory for owners of certain breeds or half breeds, known to be potentially troublesome, to hold a dog-handling licence before they can venture out in public.