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genus of herbs of Eurasia and the Americas: spurred gentians

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However, repeated arrivals are also found in temperate groups, such as Halenia migrating to paramo from the north, and Gunnera and likely also Plantago arriving in the northern Andes from the north as well as from the south.
Such pattern has been rejected for Halenia, and remains to be verified for Hinterhubera and Laestadia.
A monograph of the American species of the genus Halenia.
The evolution of flower morphology in Gentianaceae-Swertiinae and the roles of key innovations and niche width for the diversification of Gentianella and Halenia in South America.
The diversification of Halenia (Gentianaceae): ecological opportunity versus key innovation.
Studies on chemical constituents of Halenia elliptica guided by in vivo absorption and distribution of the constituents.
Extracts of Halenia elliptica exhibit antioxidant properties in vitro and in vivo.
Chromatographic fingerprint study on Halenia ellipitica of Tibet herb.
Protective effects of ethanol-extract of Halenia elliptica on chemical hepatic injury in mice.
1987, Three new xanthones from Halenia ellpitica D.
Previous studies have suggested that a number of xanthones from Halenia elliptica may be the major bioactive components of the herb (Sun et al.
The whole plant of Halenia elliptica was collected from Qinghai Province, P.
The dried whole plant (10 kg) of Halenia elliptica was extracted with refluxing 95% ethanol three times (2h each time).
The HPLC/MS method developed for the quantitative analysis of active xanthone components in the Tibetian herb Halenia elliptica can be used for chemical finger-printing of these major active ingredients in Halenia elliptica.
Effects of a number of agonists and the xanthoncs isolated from Halenia elliptica on the precontracted tone produced by 1 [micro]M of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT).