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Synonyms for Aleppo

a city in northwestern Syria

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Amurath is killed by Soliman because Amurath was accused of killing his brother Haleb.
Aye, aye, and thou as virtuous as Haleb, And I as dear to thee as unto Haleb,' .
VISIT TO NAVAL BOATYARD IN HALEB ISLAND: Bilateral relations between Eritrea and the Western countries, especially the United States, are now at their worst level.
Lilly in m bo Bootle 'A' com sively beat Haleb go through to ro as Kevin Parle double aided Windsor and Harris.
There are two geological provinces in Syria relating to the main oil basins of the Middle East: (1) the Zagros Fold Belt to the north-east, where Syrian fairways are connected to the tectonic features of south-eastern Turkey and north-western Iraq; and (2) the Arabian Basin, the largest oil reservoir in the world, where Syrian deep sub-provinces include the Haleb Uplift (or Aleppo Uplift) and the Upper Euphrates.
com/pretty-little-liars-watch-best-haleb-couple-moments-2524743) The best Haleb couple moments on "Pretty Little Liars"
At a slow, but steady pace, guided by their owners riding alongside them in four-wheel vehicles, they are all heading towards the Camel Haleb Competition arena.
com/pretty-little-liars-watch-best-haleb-couple-moments-2524743)  Cutest Haleb moments from "Pretty Little Liars"
Could Haleb be in the rush to make it down the aisle?
Check out the four best Haleb moments from "Pretty Little Liars" below: