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Unfortunately, the law is weak and there is no requirement to appoint independent women directors," Prithvi Haldea, chairman of Prime Database, a leading securities database management company, told Khaleej Times on Tuesday.
This sort of last-minute rush pattern is typical when it comes to regulatory compliance," said Haldea, whose firm has compiled figures on the companies complying with the order.
Haldea said that he had succeeded only partly and had to leave at that.
Prithvi Haldea of Prime Database says the success of the MCX IPO does not mean a sure-shot IPO boom.
We changed the concession agreements designed by Haldea very substantially because those won't fly.
Haldea believes that this will not only get higher revenues for the government, but will also lead to true price discovery.
It is too early to say that there is a boom in the IPO market, says Prithvi Haldea, MD, Prime Database, an independent primary market monitoring firm.
Recently, Gajendra Haldea of the Planning Commission put forward a proposal where he suggested that the private player fund the infrastructural costs while the government foots the operational costs.
Says Prithvi Haldea, CMD, Prime Database: "A sense of stability in secondary market is critical for IPOs to happen.
However, the advisor to the deputy chairman, Gajendra Haldea, claimed the commission was very much involved in the Rs 9,000- crore project completed in a record 37 months.
With just over a week to go for fiscal 2009- 10 to come to a close, India Inc has raised Rs 46,778 crore through POs ( including initial and follow- on public offerings or IPOs and FPOs), a huge 23 times the dismal Rs 2,034 crore raised in the preceding year, reflecting revival of the public equity offerings, said Prithvi Haldea, chairman and managing director ( CMD), PRIME Database, a premier database on the primary capital market.
Such companies and individuals should be barred from the capital markets for life," said Prithvi Haldea, founder and chairman, Prime Database.
Commenting on the drastic reduction in developmental costs, chairman and managing director of Prime Database Prithvi Haldea said, " Companies often revise their IPO proceeds depending on the dynamic market conditions.
Planning Commission adviser Gajendra Haldea, a round table member, had put forward the PPP model in which the government would provide the running costs, while the infrastructure costs will be borne by private players.
Till a few months ago, 59- year- old Prithvi Haldea, chairman and managing director of Prime Database, had a 24x7 lifestyle that involved long office hours, meetings and travel three times a week.