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(Greek mythology) a woman who was turned into a kingfisher


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Thus, when Clarence calls Halcyone his "promised bride," her next words are, "[O]h, your promised fiddlestick
As a result of the ghost's intervention Hamlet starts having suicidal thoughts, while Halcyone actually tries to commit suicide by jumping into the sea from a high cliff, although the merciful gods change her, at the last moment, into a bird.
Long gone it seems are the halcyone days of intelligent analogue control; instead we're back to the `twist-and-pressforward' shenanigans that blighted early 3D gaming.
Morpheus is famed for his imitation of the grimaces and gestures of mankind and, according to Ovid, was sent to Halcyone to inform her by a dream of the fate of her husband.
xx WARD Queenie On October 28, peacefully at home in her sleep, the dearly loved sister of Halcyone and the late Donald.