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(Greek mythology) a woman who was turned into a kingfisher


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As a result of the ghost's intervention Hamlet starts having suicidal thoughts, while Halcyone actually tries to commit suicide by jumping into the sea from a high cliff, although the merciful gods change her, at the last moment, into a bird.
The story of Halcyone (or Alcyone) and Ceyx lacks the sensational and scandalous dimension of Hamlet's story, even though Ceyx's death is represented as the supreme god Zeus's revenge for Ceyx's and Halcyone's blasphemous habit of calling each other by the names of Zeus and Hera to suggest that the immortal gods can envy them their happiness (see Graves 1960: 163-165).
Geoffrey Chaucer uses Ovid's story about Ceyx and Halcyone in his early poem entitled The book of the Duchess.
In this case it does not seem to matter much that Halcyone sees what might be called a phantom of a phantom of her husband, but we have here clearly to do with the problem of the true identity of ghosts.
xx WARD Queenie On October 28, peacefully at home in her sleep, the dearly loved sister of Halcyone and the late Donald.