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a pike fitted with an ax head

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The instant they entered Don Quixote asked the landlord after the man with the lances and halberds, and was told that he was in the stable seeing to his mule; which was what Sancho and the cousin proceeded to do for their beasts, giving the best manger and the best place in the stable to Rocinante.
Halberds struck men down, swords ran them through, muskets were discharged at them.
Indeed, the narwhal is armed with a sort of ivory sword, a halberd, according to the expression of certain naturalists.
Until further information, therefore, I shall maintain it to be a sea-unicorn of colossal dimensions, armed not with a halberd, but with a real spur, as the armoured frigates, or the `rams' of war, whose massiveness and motive power it would possess at the same time.
All the school- children, the singers and the firemen walked on the sidewalks, while in the middle of the street came first the custodian of the church with his halberd, then the beadle with a large cross, the teacher in charge of the boys and a sister escorting the little girls; three of the smallest ones, with curly heads, threw rose leaves into the air; the deacon with outstretched arms conducted the music; and two incense-bearers turned with each step they took toward the Holy Sacrament, which was carried by M.
In a corner, a Japanese warrior, mailed and plumed, menaced him with a halberd, and a score of lances and khandas and kuttars gave back the unsteady gleam.
Mr Smee, whose spine has a 75 degree curve like Richard's, demonstrated that his stature would not have prevented him wielding weapons including medieval longswords, lances, halberds and axes.
Only parts of these weapons have survived to the present day, but this remarkable assemblage includes crossbow triggers, sword blades, lance tips, spearheads, dagger-axe blades and halberds, as well as a few ceremonial weapons (Qin & Zhang 1983; Yuan 1984; Liu 1986; SIAATQ 1988; Huang 1990; MEQSTA 2008).
He said: "When Jeffrey Archer was taken away after being at last found out and sent to prison I couldn't help but think of Toad being led up between the warders and halberds.
Then there are Mathieu's "paint brushes as long as halberds.
The gold-leaf background is unexpected from a master of landscape, but enhances the pattern of crossed spikes (spears, pointed flag-staffs, halberds and tridents) which fence off Jesus from any hope of release.
Instead of the usual rows of individuals, Rembrandt chose to capture the moment when the militia moves through shadow and light with halberds and arms adding visual interest.
Gray was well knock'd with halberds and staves, and