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a pike fitted with an ax head

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They divided the firearms equally in each party, as well as the halberds and staves.
To their slaves they did not give either musket or fusee; but they had each a halberd, or a long staff, like a quarter-staff, with a great spike of iron fastened into each end of it, and by his side a hatchet; also every one of our men had a hatchet.
But she rose at the command of the men with partisans, and walked with a tolerably firm step, preceded by Charmolue and the priests of the officiality, between two rows of halberds, towards a medium-sized door which suddenly opened and closed again behind her, and which produced upon the grief-stricken Gringoire the effect of a horrible mouth which had just devoured her.
Until further information, therefore, I shall maintain it to be a sea-unicorn of colossal dimensions, armed not with a halberd, but with a real spur, as the armoured frigates, or the `rams' of war, whose massiveness and motive power it would possess at the same time.
The roar of one falling tower followed another I gave up thought of life; and deeming it a dishonour to one of my profession to pass out of this world in company with a Jew, I heaved up my halberd to beat his brains out; but I took pity on his grey hairs, and judged it better to lay down the partisan, and take up my spiritual weapon for his conversion.
Accordingly, he raised his halberd, and would have laid the staff of it lustily on the Jew's shoulders, had not the Black Knight stopped the blow, and thereby transferred the Holy Clerk's resentment to himself.
In even earlier times, in particular before firearms came into use, the poor foot-soldiers had Anglo-Saxon names for their swords, shields, spears, daggers, bows, pikes and halberds.
In Galicia, the large majority of carved hafted objects depict halberds, but we cannot disregard entirely the hypothesis that at least some of those found at Monte Faro represent may stone tools (Fig.
One of the [Jesuit] fathers, named Brother Nieto came with a numerous following of negroes and Indians, armed with halberds and catans; and of his own accord, and with absolute authority razed my house to the ground.
British proofs would be crossed halberds or crossed scepters with a crown.
At the same time, by combining a blunter blow and the ability to hack, axes improved the efficiency of halberds.
Mr Smee, whose spine has a 75 degree curve like Richard's, demonstrated that his stature would not have prevented him wielding weapons including medieval longswords, lances, halberds and axes.
bearing halberds preceded a group of eight or nine whose appearance and