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a guard who carries a halberd (as a symbol of his duty)

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A "neat young staff officer" informs the Halberdiers of the latest intelligence: "'Fifth columnists,' said the Intelligence Officer, 'will be your special concern.
It is 500 years since King James IV and the flower of Scots chivalry were scythed down at Flodden by Henry VIII's halberdiers.
We were all alone, fugitives from justice, whores, tradesmen, sailors, and myself, the colony's sole man of God, against the halberdiers of the court.
The mob climbed up by ladders and entered the first hall, the halberdiers not firing the swivel guns that had been provided, although the governor had commanded them to do so [the governor] attempted to discharge his gun at a citizen standing near and it missed; then the governor drew his saber and wounded the citizen; the latter, and with him all the rest, at once attacked the governor.
11) As in chess, each piece was named for a character common in the political and military world of the day (king or marshal, colonel, captain, lieutenant, chancellors, heralds, knights, couriers, adjutants, bodyguards, halberdiers, and private soldiers).
BERWICK Borough Council has appointed two new Halberdiers.
He arrived amidst much pomp and ceremony, accompanied by pages, secretaries, and a private army of halberdiers, along with the Audiencia, the Cabildo, and the members of the Treasury; armed infantry were dispatched to guard the church against the unruly crams.
A final chariot bears the leading characters: Capriccio, Eunomia, Honour and Plutus with heralds, escorted by two hundred halberdiers.
We see, for example, that Waugh has filled the trilogy with false alarms and false starts, from the rumors of a German landing on the British coast - a contingency enthusiastically prepared for by the Halberdiers in vol.
He amusingly equates the chief constable, the superintendents, the inspectors, and the sergeants and constables, with lords, barons, knights, and the men-at-arms, halberdiers and foot soldiers, respectively, whilst the serfs provide the 'dangerous classes'.
Thirty of the duke's German halberdiers were assigned to the task, and everywhere the emissaries went, the nobles and the guards went with them.
In 1554 the Guild of the Halberdiers commissioned an altarpiece from Frans Floris, The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Fig.
BERWICK Borough Council is advertising with a view to recruiting two new halberdiers.
The entire clergy of the city and the king's chapel opened the procession 'cantant salmps de morts', and more than 200 men with torches, hooded trumpeters with their instruments covered, heralds, halberdiers, ambassadors and noblemen marched to the cathedral.
This week's group were led out from Morpeth by Chief Marshall Eddie Gehard and Halberdiers, John Rutherford and Suzanne Oliver, the first lady to carry a ceremonial pike on her own five-year-old coloured cob.