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a guard who carries a halberd (as a symbol of his duty)

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11) As in chess, each piece was named for a character common in the political and military world of the day (king or marshal, colonel, captain, lieutenant, chancellors, heralds, knights, couriers, adjutants, bodyguards, halberdiers, and private soldiers).
BERWICK Borough Council has appointed two new Halberdiers.
Thirty of the duke's German halberdiers were assigned to the task, and everywhere the emissaries went, the nobles and the guards went with them.
55) For this reason, once the emissaries crossed the border, the duke's German halberdiers were replaced by a heavily armed contingent of papal guards.
In 1554 the Guild of the Halberdiers commissioned an altarpiece from Frans Floris, The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Fig.
BERWICK Borough Council is advertising with a view to recruiting two new halberdiers.
This week's group were led out from Morpeth by Chief Marshall Eddie Gehard and Halberdiers, John Rutherford and Suzanne Oliver, the first lady to carry a ceremonial pike on her own five-year-old coloured cob.
Halberdier Rutherford won the Gentleman's Open Race on Gemma, a chestnut mare hired from Jedburgh.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- HALBERDIER Real Estate's President, Trey Halberdier and one of his private investors, have closed another "high flying" commercial real estate project.
We are extremely bullish on every single North Houston sub market we deploy resources and capital, and every one of our projects has a special story -- as to why our assets are exceptional, unique, with major upside," says Chief Believer Trey Halberdier.
As for the newest asset to The Halberdier Companies' portfolio, Conroe SKY Crossings, the same story holds true.