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Synonyms for haler

100 halers equal 1 koruna Slovakia

100 halers equal 1 koruna in Czech Republic


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When submerged in water and exposed to sunlight, the particles heat up so quickly they instantly vaporize water and create steam, well before the water boils, Halas said.
Naomi Halas, Rice University, 3D Nanophotonics: Bending Light in New Directions
In addition to this major discovery, he bas been able to draw on hitherto untapped CIA documents and the archives of the British animation studio that made the film, Halas and Batchelor.
STAFF and shoppers at the Cornbow shopping centre in Halesowen pulled together to raise pounds 272 for local charity Halas Homes.
Mientras uno aceptaba el trofeo George Halas como campeon de la NFC, el otro comenzaba a escribir en Indianapolis la segunda parte de esta historia.
As a football contractor, he has put together a very imposing structure that he calls Coaching a Winged-T Based Multiple Offense that even Shaughnessy, Jones, and Halas would have envied.
Long gone are the days when Hank Stram strutted up and down the sidelines with a red handkerchief tucked inside the breast pocket of his blazer, or when Paul Brown and George Halas wore their Sunday best.
Halas of Rice University in Houston, who led its development.
Tales from Hoffnung from the Halas and Batchelor studio, in conjunction with the BBC, was broadcast in the early 1960s.
Also among those who served during World War II were six NFL owners--George Halas, Chicago Beaks, Dan Topping, Brooklyn Dodgers, Dan Reeves and Fred Levy, Jr.
Lithuania has a number of old Volvo buses, but this is the first time we have received an order for new city buses," said Pawel Halas, sales manager for Volvo Bus in Lithuania and Poland.
But Cove came closest to scoring in the first half with Nicky Gordon's thunderous effort cleared off the line by Gerry Halas.
For more information, phone Julie Halas at (704) 365-0041, e-mail sial@imexmgt.