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Synonyms for halo

ring of light


Synonyms for halo

an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint

a circle of light around the sun or moon

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The discs of the latter are coated with Halar ECTFE, a highly corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer which has been successfully used for many years in applications involving the transport of seawater.
Designed as an alternative for applications where high grade metals fail and PFA/PTFE are too expensive, Halar pipings and fittings offer a material composed of a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene (E-CTFE) that resists most acids, bases and solvents.
More detailed information is given for Halar ECTFE, Hyflon MFA and PFA, and Hylar PVDF, including chemical and permeation resistance, purity, surface smoothness, etc.
Since the late 1970s, practitioners have used telephone groups to assist such diverse populations as blind elderly clients (Evans & Jaureguy, 1982b; Evans, Werkhoven, & Fox, 1982; Thomas & Urbano, 1993), adults with physical disabilities (Evans, Fox, Pritzl, & Halar, 1984; Evans, Halar, & Smith, 1985; Evans, Smith, Werkhoven, Fox, & Pritzl, 1986; Kennard & Shilman, 1979), people with HIV disease (Meier, Galinsky, & Rounds, 1995; Rittner & Hammons, 1992; Roffman, Beadnell, Ryan, & Downey, 1995; Rounds, Galinsky, & Despard, 1995; Rounds, Galinsky, & Stevens, 1991; Wiener, Spencer, Davidson, & Fair, 1993), cancer patients (Colon, 1995), and homebound individuals with multiple sclerosis (Stein, Rothman, & Nakanishi, 1993).
93) With Matej at the helm, together with Prokop of Jindrichuv Hradec, Martin of Krcin, Tuma Preloucsky, Elias Chrenovicky, Augustin Halar of Chrudim, and Veliky Vit, the Unitas progressed.
89) Julio Martinez, "Salir del `amor proprio' pare halar el `si mismo'," Miscelanea Comillas 55 (1997) 157-200.
On this basis we can take Saurashtra, and particularly Halar (and Sorath) as the homeland and Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) and its surrounding areas as a migratory way-station.
Techtron PPS Tubes, Celazole PBI, Torlon, Semitron, Macor, Polyimide Tubing, Vespel, Meldin, Techtron PPS, PEEK, Turcite, CP5, CP7D, Polycarbonate, Halar, Kynar, PVDF, Kel-F, PCTFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, Teflon, Ultem, Ketron, Boltaron, Kydex, FR Polypropylene, chemical process fluid handling tubing, and many more.
Hills will be showcasing a number of samples that have been produced on Hills lines including: High Island Count Islands-In-The-Sca Fibers, Nano MB 7000 Meters Per Minute Spinning Speed Spunbond, Hepa Filters, Halar Samples, Logo Fibers, winged fibers - 64 Segment Pie courtesy of Al-lasso Industries, and leather substrates.
Meanwhile, the outer casing, cover, basket and pan bottom and sent to Edlon to be shot-blasted back to base steel in preparation for the use of their SC-2001 Halar (ECTFE) based fluoropolymer coating, which is a thick film, spray coat system that produces a tough, impervious protective barrier on steel substrates.
Since then telephone support has been used for crisis intervention (Hornblow & Sloane, 1980), outreach for physically disabled people (Evans, Fox, Pritzl, & Halar, 1984; Evans & Jaureguy, 1985), ongoing psychotherapy (Shepard, 1987), elderly individuals with visual impairments (Evans & Jaureguy, 1982), and for those HIV-infected people living in rural communities (Rounds, Galinsky, & Stevens, 1991).
The new formulation quickly and effortlessly strips polymer coatings such as epoxy, polyester, urethane, TGIC and hybrid powders; as well as military epoxies, high and low baked water, Teflon, Xylan, Halar and other liquid and dry industrial coatings.