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(Islam) meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the shariah

conforming to dietary laws

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Therefore, the government should concentrate on this sector to enhance export of Halal meat by establishing most modern slaughter houses and installing meat processing plants.
Michael said that Central Asian States were earning $ 3 trillion only through Halal meat sector while Pakistan earned least from this sector.
In this instance, the problem with the product is that it simply 'is not what it says on the tin', as failing to tell consumers that a food product contains Halal meat represents a failure to adequately describe the product, which is a breach of the CPA.
To be clear here, I'm not angry just because supermarkets haven't been up front about the fact they're selling halal meat.
Since more leading stores - including Waitrose, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer - have been accused of stocking halal meat without telling shoppers, along with restaurant and fast-food chains, including Domino's and KFC.
We should take the advantage of close proximity to the region and can be a food basket for Gulf States by offering halal meat, live poultry products and fresh agricultural items," he said, adding that the increasing livestock exports from the country will help eradicate poverty in the country.
Zaid Khan, a blogger, urged Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to import halal meat from Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia.
Noor Awqaf, the Dubai-based joint venture between Noor Investment Group and the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF), have launched a ground breaking humanitarian project that will give aid agencies around the world access to relief aid Halal meat at times of natural disasters and famine.
The Prison Service yesterday launched an urgent investigation after a number of Halal meat pies and pasties supplied to jails were found to contain traces of pork DNA.
Prof Bill Reilly, a former president of the British Veterinary Association, said at the weekend that almost half of all lambs in Britain were slaughtered without prior stunning and that halal meat accounted for a quarter of the country's meat market.
In 2010, the paper revealed schools, hospitals and restaurants were serving halal meat to unwitting customers.
Announcing the launch, Muhammad Arif Abdul Aziz, chairman of Alif Investments, said, "Meat One ensures fresh, free range, Zabiha Halal meat air-lifted daily from source combining the goodness of fresh meat with the convenience of a variety of cuts & marinated products.
But now, Muslims living in the UK have a certified online store they can use to buy Halal meat in confidence.
The Uganda Modern Halal Abattoir is being set up at Nakirebe, 17km along the Kampala-Masaka road, by Iran-registered Halal Meat Co Ltd, supported by the Uganda Investment Authority.
The major multiples are struggling to convince Muslims to buy halal meat from their stores on a regular basis but could tap into growing interest in halal convenience products from younger Muslim consumers, according to new research.