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Talmudic literature that deals with law and with the interpretation of the laws on the Hebrew Scriptures

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Further on, when I discuss the reflections of Rosenzweig and Soloveitchik on the eventfulness of halakic observance, I will remark on their attempts to understand the interaction between time and eternity as a central feature of religious experience.
308) The Supreme Court decided that the term "Jew" had two meanings: one secular, for citizenship purposes, and one religious, for Halakic personal status purposes.
although it may, perhaps, allude to the halakic concept of halaka ke-batrai ("the law is according to the last [most recent, authorities]"), which, of course, does not imply abrogation of a previous legal interpretation, but rather refers to the cumulative growth and development of a law that builds upon and amplifies the ideas of predecessors (Ensiqlopedia Talmudit [Jerusalem, 1959], 9: 341-45, s.
Paul's urgings are directed to the "strong" (14:13b, 15:1, 16:17), those who were ignoring minimal halakic regulations for righteous gentiles, such as can be found in Acts 15:28-29 and in the Noahide laws developed later in rabbinic Judaism.
The six essays included in this issue provide an excellent overview of the range of Berkovits's halakic and theological contributions, and offer a sustained look at his sometimes sharp, often original, and, in today's climate, refreshing arguments and proposals.
We see that with the halakic definition of Jew set aside, as is done here, another definition is very difficult to establish.
His belief in the power of the halakic system and his desire to defend the moral dignity of God's law spurred him, as a legal authority, to address women's spiritual, religious, and ritual needs in the modern day.
For Eliezer Berkovits, these changes require a different approach to halakah than is currently seen, yet this approach should should not be seen as any sort of "reform," but rather a return to original halakic values that due to historical circumstances were not able to be brought to fruition until modern times.
While sharing with other immigrants the deep impress of American material abundance, a conspicuous feature of which was a variety of protein-rich meals, eastern European Jews differed on account of the dense religious significance that centuries of halakic existence had imparted to their foodways.
This article describes the activist stance Berkovits took on this issue in the larger Jewish world, and analyzes in detail his halakic analysis of traditional laws of conversion.
On the other hand, he tries to influence Jews to adopt certain moral values that have been neglected by halakic authorities.
Principles of modern democracy posed a problem for the halakic system of the religious Zionists, but also, as Kaye shows, provided philosophical tools to solve those problems.
Religious Zionists were very much aware of the challenge that democratic principles posed to the Jewish tradition and were often reluctant to compromise their halakic commitments for the sake of the demands of a democratic state.
A more pragmatic ruling regarding congestion on public transport was provided by the American halakic authority Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (1895-1986).
Central to the publication were halakic justifications for the killing of non-Jews.