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Talmudic literature that deals with law and with the interpretation of the laws on the Hebrew Scriptures

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Jewish activism that operates under the halachic commandments is destined to achieve 'tikkun olam'.
On the one hand, he feared that if he were to accept the halachic interpretation, mixed-marriage families--a fairly common phenomenon in East European and Western countries--would be discouraged from immigrating.
In Jewish law, there appears to be significant Halachic (Jewish law and jurisprudence, based on the Talmud) problems with this analysis.
While this book is not "meant to resolve any halachic issues", says the author, "it is meant as a tool for understanding and visualizing the events of the Megillah.
If the financial dependency on the father is indeed the reason underlying the Halachic rule, then one can assume that when this presumption is contradicted in practice, and the older child is still dependent on the father, the animosity principle will continue to apply, perhaps even more forcibly, because in most scholars' view the father is not under a legal obligation to support his older child.
Lifetime certification for women halachic advisors marks the 10th anniversary of Nishmat, an advanced Torah study institute for women in Jerusalem.
But Ahavas Torah, formerly called Halachic Minyan, is a small Orthodox community that's been meeting in Eugene for about 25 years - and suddenly found itself in need of a new rabbi.
1) In other instances, acts of characters are based upon halachic norms that are not sourced within that same story.
The essays include the history of conversos in the Jesuit order; dialogical issues in rabbinic literature; a comparison of the Ignatian exercises with the halachic spirituality of Rabbi Soleveitchik; studies of contemporary Jewish spirituality; a study of the theology of Abraham Joshua Heschel; three studies of literature--one modern (Harold Bloom), two biblical, and a study of the thought of Hanna Arendt; and what the Yad Vashem memorial can teach Jews about Christianity and Christians.
The article on Conservative Judaism shows how efforts to find "local" halachic solutions to gender issues evolved into a broader transformation of moral consciousness itself.
The problem is that there are not enough rabbis brave enough, or who care enough, to use their halachic (Jewish law) power and responsibility and offer creative, acceptable solutions to free women," states Garson.
Orthodox rabbis reacted negatively to this Conservative proposal on halachic grounds, for they asserted that the agreement to pay an indeterminate sum of money is impermissible in Jewish law.
Jewish communal polities) and displays of halachic moxie than it had to do with Hirsch's Bible scholarship or "theologische Position" (p.
The public debate regarding legislation of civil marriage includes three main aspects: religious coercion, violation of women's rights and the prohibition of marriage outside the strict Halachic tradition.