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Talmudic literature that deals with law and with the interpretation of the laws on the Hebrew Scriptures

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He was trying to prove to Rabbi Maimon that the premise that Israel was a state governed by law and not by Halacha was accepted by the religious parties, too.
Journal of Halacha & Contemporary Society, XLII (Spring).
The civil law of the state trumped halacha for Jews and Canon Law for Catholics.
Yediot Ahronot wrote about Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, who wrote a book praising Baruch Goldstein, the perpetrator of the massacre at the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur who co-authored the book Torat Ha'Melech, which asserts that the killing of innocent goyim women and children is permitted in wartime under Halacha, the Jewish religious law.
This status quo has been in place for the past 43 years and accords with mainstream Jewish Halacha.
According to a ruling by the Rabbinical Council of America's Va'ad Halacha (Committee of Jewish Law) "notably absent .
Somewhat similar to the arguments of Savigny and Gierke is the argument of a Jewish spontaneous order within the Jewish textual tradition and elaborated on in Jewish thought and halacha.
For many OCD sufferers, a clear psak from a respected rav on matters of halacha is not always a sufficient deterrent for their overwhelming compulsions because of their obsession with perfection in the performance of a mitzvah and their nagging doubts that they've correctly fulfilled their obligations.
Jewish law, also known as Halacha, is a religious extra-territorial law which applies to Jews all over the world.
They've "added nothing to nor have taken anything away from the written and oral law of the Torah as it is expressed in the Halacha (traditional Jewish law) and the Shulchan Aruch (codification of Jewish law).
In Judaism, the Halacha requires that certain conditions are met with respect to many aspects of life," says Holzer.
The Guide is to the Mishneh Torah as aggada is to halacha.
Although Israel's law of return allows anybody with a Jewish grandparent to immigrate to Israel, according to Halacha or Jewish law, a person is only considered "a real Jew" if their mother is Jewish.