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(Islam) meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the shariah

conforming to dietary laws

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Demand for Halaal food products is increasing rapidly with the escalating population growth rate and socio-economic conditions.
Mufti Ahsan Zafar, country representative of South Africa National Halaal Authority (SANHA) said talking to reporter here on Saturday.
Halaal tourism is an emerging industry, which hopes to ride the wave of success of the Islamic food and banking industries.
This situation will change shortly as the country's first halaal hotel will soon be certified, he said, adding that the agency is reviewing several certification applications at the moment.
The Halaal Tourism Conference is mainly intended to summarise the changes that would be needed through panel discussions, while informing local businesses on the importance and impact of Halaal tourism on the local economy.
LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari said that producers outside the Muslim world, from Brazil to the US and Australia, were performing well into the halaal market and doing a roaring business despite the fact that the concept of halaal entirely belongs to Muslims.
On this day Muslims sacrifice animals which have been deemed Halaal, or fit for sacrifice.
Today, kosher and halaal meat as well as other "Muslim" and "Jewish" culinary specialities, for example, are widely accepted by non-Jews and non-Muslims.
The company also gained Halaal certification in order to capitalize on selling turkey sausage products to the Muslim populations of Singapore and Indonesia.
The US government had provided $260-million in emergency humanitarian aid- including halaal meals, pre-fabricated steel bridges and other infrastructure for Pakistan, according to the White House last week.