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a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century

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a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka

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As Hakka candidates came to disproportionately claim government offices, ethnic conflict grew, leading the imperial government to set subquotas for Hakkas in localities most affected by the fighting.
As indicated earlier, differences in speech and provenance led Chinese immigrants in Hawai'i to assume subgroup identities among the Zhongshan Cantonese speakers, the Hakkas, and the See Yup people.
Hou is a Chinese Hakka, who was born in China and grew up in Taiwan; Chu Tien-Wen is a second generation mainlander, whose mother is a Taiwanese Hakka, and Wu Nien-Jen is a typical Taiwanese.
The historical experiences of migration, settlement, and interaction with those already present led, Leong shows, to a sense of ethnic consciousness, a theme developed here more for the Hakkas than the pengmin.
Oxfeld's work emphasized the way that the Hakka community created social order through organizational structures, conflict resolution, credit associations, gendered social and spatial divisions, and cultural boundary maintenance.
In 1837 Hong Xiuquan, unsuccessful aspirant to the lowest examination rank and from a Hakka ethnic background, had a vision that lasted several days and nights.
Within a day's drive (providing you have the right driver and a well serviced car) lie the beginnings of a landscape dominated by the rammed earth dwellings of the Hakka people.
In fiction Dragoumis, Voutyras, and Hakkas are allotted fewer than ten lines each, whereas Apostolidis and Nollas do not appear at all.
Except aboriginals, Hans, Hakkas and Mainlanders are all immigrants.
sajandi keskpaigas oli demograafiline uleminek: eestlaste keskmine eluiga hakkas stabiilselt tousma, millele kaasnes Eesti maarahvastiku mirkimisviirne suurenemine.
For example, the remains of the capital city of Nanhai in the Han Dynasty and that of the god -- Dingguang Buddha, worshipped by the Hakkas.
In turn, the Hakkas were aloof and proudly clung to their own customs and dialect.
6) Vui Yang, who migrated to Sarawak in the early 20th century, was one of the first Hakkas from Jiaying to settle in Kuching.
aastal hakkas Rootsi raamatukogutootajale palka maksma, algul oli ette nahtud pool kohta, 1969.