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a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century

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a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka

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Readers who expect a conventional ethnography of 'The Hakkas of Sarawak' (a la Ju-K'ang Tien's The Chinese of Sarawak) will be disappointed by this monograph, but anthropologists, historians, and political scientists interested in the intersections of global, national and local histories, in the historical memory of ethnic minorities marginalised and victimised by the nation-state, and in how such communities cope with collective trauma should focus on its subtitle (Sacrificial gifts in Cold War era Malaysia) and will find this an intellectually engaging--and politically engaged--ethnography that combines committed scholarship with deep, reflective analysis.
The early cleavage between the Hakkas and the Puntis had arisen from conflicts in the old country.
Hou is a Chinese Hakka, who was born in China and grew up in Taiwan; Chu Tien-Wen is a second generation mainlander, whose mother is a Taiwanese Hakka, and Wu Nien-Jen is a typical Taiwanese.
Migrants of Hakka origin alone constituted millions who fanned out to several macro-regions in central and southern China from the seventeenth century onward.
The historical experiences of migration, settlement, and interaction with those already present led, Leong shows, to a sense of ethnic consciousness, a theme developed here more for the Hakkas than the pengmin.
Oxfeld's work emphasized the way that the Hakka community created social order through organizational structures, conflict resolution, credit associations, gendered social and spatial divisions, and cultural boundary maintenance.
In 1837 Hong Xiuquan, unsuccessful aspirant to the lowest examination rank and from a Hakka ethnic background, had a vision that lasted several days and nights.
Within a day's drive (providing you have the right driver and a well serviced car) lie the beginnings of a landscape dominated by the rammed earth dwellings of the Hakka people.
In fiction Dragoumis, Voutyras, and Hakkas are allotted fewer than ten lines each, whereas Apostolidis and Nollas do not appear at all.
Except aboriginals, Hans, Hakkas and Mainlanders are all immigrants.
The first chapter establishes the setting, highlighting the external environments and demography of the Chinese in West Kalimantan, who were composed of gold miners, farmers or petty traders, and craftsmen and laborers; the majority of them have been Hakkas who 'are defined by their language, but also by their apparent hardiness, clannishness, and willingness to take on back-breaking tasks in mining or agriculture' (p.
The war between the Hakka and bendi peoples lasted thirteen years and raged so fiercely that, despite repeated government attempts to mediate, peace was achieved only by physically separating Hakkas to their own separate district carved from one corner of Taishan.
To begin, we opt for the hakka steamed dum sum platter, which includes individual pieces filled with the likes of scallops, smoked wagyu and seabass, plus the five spice crab meat roll and crispy prawn fitters with truffle -- the menu isn't divided into starters and mains -- so we order a couple of dishes at a time, not to over do it, however, portions aren't excessive so don't worry.
com/2014/10/18/tyler-posey-celebrates-his-23rd-birthday-in-las-vegas-all-the/) report , the "Teen Wolf" actor and his group of friends had dinner first at the Hakkasan Restaurant where they tried the signature dishes such as the Hakka steamed dim sum platter and Spicy Prawn with Lily Bulb and Almonds.
We ordered the Hakka steamed dim sum platter and the crispy duck salad for starters, followed by Mongolian style venison and wok-fried Canadian lobster with spicy yellow bean sauce.