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a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century

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a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka

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As suggested earlier, Taishan's geography affected local patterns of Hakka settlement and even intensified the conflict between "native" and "guest" peoples.
The Hakka pioneers struggle against "savages," claim-jumping landlords, and bloodthirsty Japanese in part 1.
Regional development cycles of economic expansion and decline, Leong argues, fundamentally shaped the patterns of both Hakka and Pengmin migration.
I have been able to find no information about her, though since he has so much Hakka material - popular sayings, shan'ge (1881 a, 1882e, 1883b), family histories - perhaps she was Hakka, without bound feet?
In Hakka culture in Guangdong province (Hong's culture of origin) it was the custom for adults to be initiated in a Daoist exorcist tradition.
For P5,980, one can also have a traditional Hakka bowl with Muy Choi pork, pork tendon, crab meat ball.
Hakka ("guest family") is one of the many different languages or dialects that Westerners call "Chinese.
Our choice included chicken and duck liver with sweet and sour sauce; black pepper beef (tender pieces of tenderloin in pepper sauce); sizzling silky tofu (cubes of tofu with broccoli and black mushroom in a traditional Cantonese sauce served on a sizzler plate); vegetable hakka noodles and vegetable fried rice.
During the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan's General Assembly in April, we had the privilege of dedicating the first edition of the complete Bible in the Hakka language.
Most staff can speak in a number of Chinese dialects, the most popular being Cantonese and Hakka.
The past few months have seen an unprecedented growth in visitor numbers from 45,000 to 90,000 per week and more store openings including Burger King and Hakka Noodle in the first floor Food Court.
Brussels' Manneken-Pis, the little bronze statue of a urinating boy, was dressed in the traditional garments of Taiwan's Hakka people Wednesday as a way to promote Hakka culture, said Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
So in "Milk River / Yellow River," I retell the public history of the Hakka Chinese, who have migrated far and wide from China, including to Jamaica.
The first wave of immigration was of the Hakka Chinese in late 18th century, who came to work on a sugar plantation.
Highlights of the weekend were the opening ceremony with children carrying flags of 20 nations, entertainment like the prominent Ballet Folklorico, the Chinese wedding ceremony by the Midwest Hakka Association, and booths selling art and goods from around the world.