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a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century

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a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka

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They communicate to their mother in Hakka and she would reply to them in Iban.
Most of the Hakka Christians, on the other hand, had come from areas near Hong Kong (Kowloon and the New Territories) and towns in the coastal area, such as Lilong, or from Mei-xian (Jiayingzhou) or Hua-xian.
When Basel forbade child betrothal by Christians, Lechler explained that impoverished Hakka parents could not afford the bride price and dowry expected if they waited until the marriage partners came of age.
The Hakka Chinese in Kolkata are predominantly Christian, but they have sought to assimilate with the majority population by learning and speaking flawless Bengali.
SHENZHEN, China, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hakka Tulou in Meizhou, Guangdong province are highly representative of the Chinese enclosed earthen buildings, which dot the mountainous areas of northern Guangdong and southeastern Fujian provinces.
There is a selection of main courses such as ginger chicken chicken with tomatoes and spring onions in a ginger sauce and served with rice or hakka noodles, as well as steak with mushroom or pepper sauce, and fish and chips.
The organization founded by Hakka migrants had some characteristics of the district associations, although it was not based on a particular locality in China.
He convinced the Basel and Rhenish Missions to expand work in China, resulting in the conversion of many Hakka people.
It continues through the turmoil of postwar Malaysia, with the withdrawal of the Japanese and then the English and the rise of communist insurgents, It continues in the US and then in China where Ping encounters the ghosts of her father's Hakka ("Guest People") heritage.
Entertainment included a traditional Hakka, normally performed before New Zealand All Black rugby matches, but this time used to help motivate the walkers as they headed off.
a] Notes: The Hakka is a group of people whose ancestors came from certain southeastern areas of mainland China.
Just before 11am, a piper started the New Zealanders' countdown to 2007 amid a spray of party poppers and a rendition of their traditional Hakka dance.
Une nouveaute de cet ouvrage est qu'il mentionne, a juste titre, que le hokkien, Hakka, cantonnais sont des langues chinoises et non comme on le dit le plus souvent des dialectes.
Yeh will remain in the cabinet as head of the Council for Hakka Affairs.