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the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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Hakenkreuz uff roter Fahne, Stramm bezahlt von Thyssens Jelde, Is das Sinnbild der Kultur.
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Known to the Germans as the Hakenkreuz ('hooked cross'), it certainly was used by the various right-wing Freikorps units which arose after the end of WW1 as well as other racially-oriented organisations, which most likely contributed to its use as a unifying symbol by Hitler.
Thousands of soldiers in steel helmets stand at attention facing a stage adorned with great banners bearing the Hakenkreuz (hooked cross), the swastika.
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I cannot say at that moment how I am going to react if I'm walking on the sidewalk and see Rockwell with his people wearing SS uniforms with the Hakenkreuz.
The Hakenkreuz is said to represent the Hopi migrations prior to settling in the Hopi place and variously to be a version of the "four corners" symbol, with circles encompassed by the swastika's arms, representing the four directions from which the Hopi came in their migrations, and to represent the "shakings up" that the world will go through before Purification.
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