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a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola

an island in the West Indies

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The western-trained police forces, which kept Aristide in power, are now described as chimeres (Creole for mythical monsters) by the Haitian people.
We're doing this to help the Haitian people who have suffered so much during the last 200 years," he said.
In the public sector, only 20 percent of resources go to the rural areas, where approximately 70 percent of the Haitian people live.
Lawyers for victims of the Duvalier regime are trying to prevent his family from gaining access to the money, arguing it should instead be returned to the Haitian people.
homosexuals, and his developing respect for and dedication toward the Haitian people.
In emphasizing that the Haitian people were now subject to the same racial "prejudice" of "southern w hite men" that had long oppressed African Americans, Johnson appeals to the democratic ideals that link Haitian self-determination with the interests of African peoples worldwide.
Despite these achievements, the Haitian people know that the success of democracy is measured not only by elections but also by the degree to which a democratic government responds to the needs of its people.
What has stalled the neo-liberal program is not so much Aristide as the widespread opposition to privatization plans among Haitian people and their representatives in the new Parliament.
The mandate of the SDHEPA is concerned with the Social Welfare of the Haitian people and in particular those who are undocumented living inside the Dominican Republic.
USAID s Parliamentary Strengthening Program (PSP) aims to improve Parliament s ability to conduct the business of the Haitian people in a transparent, accountable, and professional manner, with the objective of increasing popular support for democratic political processes and supporting greater stability in the country.
Pope Francis had called the conference in Rome to focus on the humanitarian catastrophe and its ongoing impact, and he used the occasion to affirm the Church's closeness to the Haitian people.
Matthew 25: Ministries responded quickly and comprehensively and has continued to work with Haitian organizations to improve the conditions and prospects of the Haitian people.
Clinton saluted the willingness by the government of President Michel Martelly and of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to make decisions that ease the task for those who want to help the Haitian people.
We will continue to stand by Haitian democracy, Haitian leadership and the Haitian people in this slow and steady progress that needs to take place," Obama said.
MINUSTAH has failed miserably to achieve the goals set out by the United Nations Security Council, the only objective accomplished being the military occupation of the country on behalf of interests that are not those of the Haitian people," the groups warned.