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the basic unit of money in Haiti

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The government was forced to undertake very drastic measures, cutting the 1987/88 budget with 125 million Haitian gourdes (roughly 10 percent of the actual treasury outlays that year) and freezing it the following year.
In one case cited by Save the Children, a 15-year-old girl was offered 100 Haitian gourdes - Dh7.
Cross-border networks that facilitated the sale of cattle, rum, and tobacco sustained many local economies and Haitian gourdes circulated widely (Lundius & Lundhal 2000:459).
The institution will pay a fixed sum of around Haitian Gourdes 5,000 (U.
Melissa Nau, 38, who suffers from learning and physical disabilities, sold four of her five children for 50 Haitian gourdes (76p) each.
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