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the basic unit of money in Haiti

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bicentennial dollar from 1976, a medal minted in honor of Oxford's 275th anniversary in 1988, several Haitian gourdes and other coins were placed in the keyway slot moments before the "Welcome to Oxford" monument was lowered by crane into its base Sept.
50 in Haitian gourdes - now around eighty-two gourdes - and told to go home.
The value of imported goods, either FOB or CIF, is converted into Haitian gourdes at the prevailing daily rate, prior to the application of duties and taxes;
Fonkoze will use these funds to pay a fixed sum of Haitian Gourdes 5,000 (USD 125) to hundreds of female microentrepreneurs who lost their homes or inventories due to the storm.
Or she can pay seven Haitian gourdes (about 18 cents US) to fill her bucket when water is available from a neighbor's small reservoir.
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