hairy-legged vampire bat

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similar in size and habits to Desmodus rotundus

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He appeared as a blond-wigged Marilyn Monroe-type in a charity show and as a hairy-legged grandmother on NBC's ``Saturday Night Live.
Scuttling in a side tank are a coven of Japanese spider crabs: enormous, hairy-legged, bathed in ultra-violet light, and worthy costars for the next Godzilla epic.
HAIRY-legged male, good runner, unpopular with humans, WLTM leggy female with GSOH for fun times and mating.
Paul was somewhat taken aback, but tentatively turned around to fend off the hairy-legged beast, only to discover it was, in fact, a smudge on the window.
And at Liverpool it was definitely more devilish than angelic, as a hairy-legged nun called John and a pregnant postulant left with a clutch of favourite things.
I have got a copy, though, of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly from the early '60s in which hairy-legged dynamos from the midfield of some posh London club were being put through their paces by a ballet teacher in the hope that this would firm up their thighs for the coming season.
Meanwhile, you have to avoid the targeted neighbour and, if she is about, his hairy-legged mother.
I hope that even the hairy-legged harpies who drove Miss World out of the civilised world will applaud the contest.
The quaint idea that EastEnders, the Queen roast beef and carrots were worth keeping was too much for the party's hairy-legged traditionalists.
The loudest cheers of the night were for hairy-legged male models who paraded in multi-coloured skirts.
You can also try taking the place of smaller creatures, as you meet predators such as a giant, hairy-legged spider which measures two and a half metres across, and find out what defences evolution has equipped you with to escape their clutches.
True, there was that jolly time when one friend, an outrageous fellow who had over-glugged on the house red, declared that feminists were all hairy-legged lesbians.
If you hairy-legged harridans had got your way, the Soviet Union would never have fallen.
Under it all, the struggle was between the right and left wings - the business-friendly, almost Blairite, tendency versus hairy-legged fire-breathing independence left-wingers.