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Synonyms for underarm

with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level

with the hand swung below shoulder level


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Actress Julia Roberts accessorised her red-carpet look with hairy armpits in 1999, at the premiere of Notting Hill, and Britney Spears sported underarm hair at the American Music Awards.
Mary Todd Lincoln is depicted as a fat, sex-starved woman with hairy armpits.
Thanks to regular waxing sessions I don't actually remember what it's like to have hairy armpits.
And just so you know, continental is basically the same as breakfast here except it comes with hairy armpits and a bad attitude.
THE unashamedly overweight Beth Ditto, hairy armpits and all, poses naked on the front of the current New Musical Express - and proves that big isn't always necessarily beautiful.
But one woman wants to stop being a slave to the shave and dispel the prejudices surrounding hairy armpits and calves like a centre-forward for Caernarfon Town FC.
You get that stereotypical image of a hammer thrower - people think you look like a Russian shot-putter with hairy armpits - but she's tiny, she wears a low cropped top, little gym knickers.
Hairy armpits: Shirt originated with British sailors who were ordered to sew short sleeves on their sleeveless undershirts to hide their hairy armpits.
When a woman turns up with hairy armpits the columnists have a field day, as the dark, sexy Brillo pads of Anna Chancellor and Julia Roberts bear witness.
Ah, that smell of stale beer and dry-roast peanuts mingled with the aroma of sweaty, hairy armpits.
A poll by foot care firm Scholl has revealed that hairy armpits and beer bellies have topped a list of most-hated beach sights.
I don't understand the issue with her hairy armpits.
Now, though, most shocking of all, Drew has appeared with hairy armpits.