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a U-shaped bend in a road

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She could twist the radio to high and drive like this for the rest of the day-- the same street, the same hairpin turn that knocks the jack in the trunk from one wheel well to the other--or she could pass the turn and keep going, the cold soda wedged between her legs, the bass notes throbbing like a vein, out past the closed shops and squat houses, the church with its bland white arch, toward the hills, beyond that shadowy nest of red madrones.
Cross Campuan Bridge, then take the hairpin turn left onto a paved road leading not quite a mile over a low ridge to the village of Penestanan--known for its artists who broke from traditional mythological themes in the 1950s to paint landscapes and villages.
90-foot ascent followed by a high lateral G hairpin turn and a greater-than-straight-down diving drop producing a negative 1.
The slide itself covers two sections of track at both ends of a long hairpin turn as the rail line climbs toward Pengra Pass (not nearby Willamette Pass, familiar to travelers on Highway 58) in the vicinity of Salt Creek Falls.
She knows about the hazardous hairpin turn that has cost many a Champ Car driver a chance to win.
We guarantee the sofa will fit through that tiny doorway, up that spiral staircase and make that hairpin turn that no regular delivery service can do.
A proposal for a 32-lot development nestled inside a hairpin turn on Dillard Road in southeast Eugene goes to public hearing this week, and neighbors apparently have plenty to say about the plan.
Burkhart began reeling in Ward and got as close as wheel-to-wheel in a hairpin turn around a fountain on the 1.
Oh, I know," he said, calmly negotiating a hairpin turn.
To take off safely, pilots typically have to execute a hairpin turn as the craft gains altitude.
Once Fellows executed the pass on Turn 9 that earned him the victory, Archer then passed McCann on the final hairpin turn.
After negotiating a hairpin turn, the road gave way, and Haley's rig tumbled 100 to 150 feet down an embankment, said R and R owner Kay King.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - Beside a hairpin turn on a winding stretch of forest highway is a small turnout where a bullet-riddled sign tells the story of California's sometimes shaky geology.
The wild winter weather that rang in 2004 took another hairpin turn Wednesday with the appearance of a bright yellow orb in the southern sky and temperatures that neared 50 degrees.