hairpin bend

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a U-shaped bend in a road

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TWISTING Map showing the route the bus took, managing 20 hairpin bends until it crashed on the 21st
Stag dos can't get enough of these karts, either off road through chicanes and rough tough terrain, or hard track courses with hairpin bends and adverse chambers.
Heavy and prolonged rain the day before the event, organised by the Forest of Dean Motor Club, made for very slippy and muddy conditions with the rally crews tested over six runs through the stage with numerous jumps and water splashes - not to mention the fast downhill hairpin bends.
The problem is that it 'cuts the corners' of the hairpin bends inside the intestine and gets stuck.
The tight street circuit, consisting of several narrow stretches and hairpin bends, could make passing the backmarkers trickier than it has been so far this season.
We leave the main road and take a dirt track up a steep pass, negotiating hairpin bends and sheer cliffs.
The difference is that the fast parts here don't last long because there are usually hairpin bends that bring the speeds down again.
There is plenty to see in the local area, so we hired a car - although I chickened out of driving along the gut-twisting hairpin bends that hug the rugged coastline.
I only presume they have never visited Shelbourne Park or Cork as not only have these tracks far more modern facilities, but have a 'proper' track for the greyhounds to perform on and not one with hairpin bends.
Dr Wilkinson faces three main climbs, including 21 hairpin bends.
Their green and gold Mitsubishi careered off the road, crashed through a barrier and plummeted down Sutton Bank, a steep hill notorious for its hairpin bends.
It was a fantastic drive, going round frequent hairpin bends.
He came into his own when his colleague overtook on precipitous hairpin bends.
He has just three months to learn how to steer his highperformance Ford Fiesta R1 car around the perilous hairpin bends of the track.