stress fracture

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fracture resulting from excessive activity rather than a specific injury

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Imagine writing the math to cover every layer of rock in the mountain, unseen except through sampling and remote sensing, and trying to account for every hairline crack, then using that data to predict how the mountain will change--down to that same hairline crack level--after 10,000 years of earthquakes in the seismically active Mojave.
The 20-year-old, on loan from Sheffield United, made his home debut against Barnet last week but a scan on Monday revealed a hairline crack of the fibula which is expected to keep him out for around seven weeks.
So tightly structured is the play that the hairline crack appearing in Sister Aloysius' convictions is as dramatically shocking as the confrontations that precede it.
He first noticed what appeared to be a hairline crack in the fiberglass on the camber-side inspection window.
The eggs were compressed until a hairline crack formed.
Recommendations - The darkened appearance indicated that this surface was subjected to atmospheric conditions and/or liquid at some point, so the casting probably had a hairline crack prior to shipping that was not visible from the surface.
Reasonable buyers are not likely to be troubled or concerned about small repaired item such as a hairline crack, but there are litigious individuals with whom the seller must be cautious.
Each little wrong, is for me a big mistake, like a hairline crack can make a glass break.
QI HAVE a thin hairline crack in a wall that's been plastered and painted using emulsion.
However, having failed to fire since found to be suffering a hairline crack of the pelvis after joining John Best last summer, connections are keen to see him show something of the old sparkle of his halcyon days with James Fanshawe.
It's a hairline crack with no complications, it's not in a dangerous position and no operation is required.
Andre Benjamin's cool-as-chilled-glass veneer shows the slightest hairline crack.
Don't discard a great piece of China with a hairline crack.
QI have a hairline crack in three of my ceramic bathroom floor tiles.
BRUSSELS, Ramadan 22, 1433, Aug 10, 2012, SPA -- An EU spokeswoman said Belgium has quickly notified other European countries using nuclear power of a possible hairline crack found in steel tank that contains the reactor at one of its nuclear plants, AP reported.