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William Gaunitz (AKA The Angry Hair Guy), founder of Gaunitz HairGrowth Centers says "Yes
There is no question that Gaunitz HairGrowth Centers is on the cutting edge of hair regeneration.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaunitz HairGrowth Centers(TM) revolutionary laser and holistic hair therapy program, previously only available at their Arizona clinics, is now available globally with the development of the THL-1(TM) handheld laser unit.
However, claims will only take a company so far, results are what establish a reputation as stellar as Gaunitz HairGrowth Centers.
This new laser technology is destined to have an enormous impact on the science of hair regrowth," said Bill Gaunitz, president and founder of Gaunitz Hair Sciences and Gaunitz HairGrowth Centers(TM).