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Synonyms for hairdresser



Synonyms for hairdresser

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He said the customers would not force hairdressers make designs in beards after displaying the pamphlets at shops.
He flies all over the world to train hairdressers and works with clients at home or at his place in Bonifacio Global City.
London [UK], Jul 20 ( ANI ): Brits show the most loyalty to their hairdressers, a recent report has found.
Helen McCann, 35, of Ashenhurst, said she went for a haircut at Studio 11 in New Street because her regular hairdresser was unavailable.
Keywords: contraception, female hairdressers, apprentices, induced abortion
But I still like a little chat with my favourite hairdresser Becky.
From offering a compressive educational portfolio, to organising specialised artistic courses led by international ambassadors and performers, the academy offers this world to partnered Egyptian hairdressers in order to advocate this art.
MIDDLESBROUGH hairdresser Dean Bradwell has been announced as a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards.
The team of about four hairdressers were fortunately empathetic to Charlie's needs and it was agreed that he and I would visit the hairdressers on a few occasions before he would actually have his haircut.
One friend told me about her experience when she went to a Turkish hairdresser and thought she explained to him that she only wanted the split ends of her hair, which was down to her shoulder blades, to be trimmed and she ended up with a pixie cut.
SHADOW Wales Office minister Nia Griffith has described her shock that people do not need quali-fications to act as hairdressers and called for a system of compulsory state registration.
Troy, who is the senior stylist at the Emma J Steven salon in Sutton Coldfield, has been crowned one of the UK's top hairdressers in a prestige competition which attracted national entrants.
Trevor Sorbie scooped the first accolade in 1985 and other household names in hair followed; John Frieda, Andrew Collinge, Nicky Clarke and Charles Worthington are among the 15 hairdressers who have held the British Hairdresser of the Year trophy aloft.
A SCHOOLBOY got the chance to work alongside one of Liverpool's leading hairdressers.