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Synonyms for hairdresser



Synonyms for hairdresser

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Pakistani hairdressers work at their stations beside a notice sign of the the Sulemani Hairdressers Association that reads "All hairdressers by unanimous decision have decided not to offer their services for clients wishing for stylish beards.
ISLAMABAD -- Frontier Provincial Hairdressers and Beautician Association has asked all hairdressers registered with the body to avoid classy beards.
He observes that some salons are commercially driven, such that hairdressers tend to bamboozle their clients with products they don't need.
Shops, mechanics and hairdressers - lots of hairdressers - are among the 19 who have been ordered to pay more than PS35,000 to underpaid employees.
Summary: London [UK], Jul 20 (ANI): Brits show the most loyalty to their hairdressers, a recent report has found.
One of my hairdressers has 14 years experience and the other has seven years experience," he said.
1687 female hairdressers were surveyed using a cross sectional design and cluster sampling technique.
Rosie Jackson I WOULD feel awkward if the hairdresser didn't make small talk Zoe Jenkins I FEEL very uncomfortable at hairdressers so avoid going.
Today, local hairdressers have access to this academic module to enhance technical know-how and erase any creative boundaries.
The 16 categories range from regional hairdressers of the year, to specialist categories including avantgarde, afro and men's hairdresser of the year through to the top award - British hairdresser of the year.
I mentioned that Charlie has autism and how a trip to the hairdressers might be difficult for him and how he might react.
Notice that I said "her," because many more hairdressers for women are women in the US.
SHADOW Wales Office minister Nia Griffith has described her shock that people do not need quali-fications to act as hairdressers and called for a system of compulsory state registration.
Troy, who is the senior stylist at the Emma J Steven salon in Sutton Coldfield, has been crowned one of the UK's top hairdressers in a prestige competition which attracted national entrants.
Trevor Sorbie scooped the first accolade in 1985 and other household names in hair followed; John Frieda, Andrew Collinge, Nicky Clarke and Charles Worthington are among the 15 hairdressers who have held the British Hairdresser of the Year trophy aloft.