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the act of cutting the hair

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Summary: He takes not more than 20 minutes for each haircut
And since it's a waterless salon, don't expect any shampooing before or after your haircut.
Indian banks might have to bear a haircut in the case of five debt-ridden steel firms.
Moreover, the Governing Council decided to: Introduce graduated haircuts depending on remaining maturity also for floating-rate assets, which are currently assigned a flat haircut irrespective of their maturities.
There can't be a fixed percentage for loan haircuts.
In a separate Saudi soccer match that took place on Saturday, three players were banned from the match because of their haircuts.
com)-- Westchester's newest hair salon and barber shop offers haircuts and barber services for men, women and kids haircuts for only $10.
In an effort to encourage local children to read, barber Courtney Holmes of Dubuque, Iowa, gave out free haircuts to children on August 8.
As I was indeed one of the advisors on that plane, I must inform Mr Mavrides (what he should have known by now) that the Troika was no longer willing to discuss a proposal for haircuts given the earlier rejection by Parliament.
Many observant Jews seize the day for bonfires (with s'mores), hiking, and, of course, haircuts.
Salon prices are built around a reasonable supposition: In general, women's haircuts are more complicated and time-consuming than men's.
Barber Karim Nabbach became the latest man to fall foul of the 31-year-old despot after putting up a poster with a picture of the dictator and the catchline "Bad Hair Day" to promote discounts on men's haircuts.
As far as I'm aware, of the three pupils who had extreme haircuts, Kyle was the only one not to return to school with it blended in.