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a brush used to groom a person's hair

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In September and October, limited edition pink Goody Ouchless(R) hairbrushes are available in food, drug and mass retailers nationwide and retail for $5.
Goody Ouchless(R) hairbrushes are ideal for all hair types and have been specifically designed for fine, medium and thick hair.
HAIRBRUSHES are havens for bacteria, carrying nearly 3,500 colonies per square inch.
The conservation charity said hair from hairbrushes and combs, animal fur and fluff from rugs are among the things which could be used by birds alongside traditional nesting materials such as twigs, leaves and moss to make their nests.
WOMEN of Birmingham, it's time to drop the hairbrushes and pick up a real microphone.
Mobile phones were first, followed by girlfriends, handbags, hairbrushes, iPods, hair straighteners, Vaseline, stilettos and lipstick.
They are spread through close personal contact such as sharing hats or hairbrushes.
Empty drinks cans, lipstick, deodorant and hairbrushes are some of the items that slip beneath the pedals on cars, the survey found.
Household chores will never seem the same as two men try to survive in an anarchic world of brooms, scrubbing brushes, chimney brushes and hairbrushes, which do everything except clean.
Some of the nation's most beautiful girls swapped lipstick and hairbrushes for bombs and mud yesterday in a bid to cement their place in the Miss Wales final.
Now it need be neither thanks to TRESemme's new range of hairbrushes.
The equipment donated ranges from vibrating hairbrushes and teethers, Wiggles the Squirm to a Magic Mushroom full of colourful flashing lights.
Every police officer in Britain is being warned about these terrifying new weapons, which are also hidden inside pens, hairbrushes and even lipstick.
The inventions include a sausage cooker, a bathplug that stops the bath overflowing, a telescopic bin and new takes on hairbrushes and vacuum cleaners.