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Synonyms for hairdresser



Synonyms for hairdresser

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Goldnblush is one of the best hair stylist and hair salons in Udaipur India.
Tajuana Hughes is the creator of the Genesis Hair Care system and author of Trade Secrets, The Secrets of Success as a Celebrity Hair Stylist in the Beauty and Entertainment Industry.
The celebrity designer, originally from Croxteth, was called in to judge Voodou's Hair Stylist Of The Year competition.
The event aims to give recognition to the make-up artists and hair stylists who otherwise remain backstage.
I was thrilled to be credited as the hair stylist on Patsy's pictures in a big magazine," she says.
Martinez became a very successful hair stylist, yet he never stopped encouraging his customers to share in his literary collection, much of it in the prevalent Spanish language of his neighborhood.
She was official hair stylist to the Coventry Repertory Theatre in the 1930s and 40s and attended to many future stars, with whom she remained in contact for the rest of her life.
The Sebastian expert judging panel will judge the 10 hair stylist finalists on-site at the live event on their artistic design and quality.
Minsky's fully qualified and experienced team of hair stylists offer a diversity of skills including colour, style and innovation.
Although Samuel Jackson's character in his latest film ``Changing Lanes'' seems ordinary, his regular hair stylist and makeup artist reveal that there's more to it than meets the eye.
TV production company Revielle LLC, conducting the auditions on behalf of Bravo TV, will give talented hair stylists the opportunity to show America their skill and creativity - as well as compete for exciting prizes and to be the Top Hair Stylist
URIEL Lubangu is all smiles as her school receives a pounds 2, 000 donation from hair stylist Carol Hasaballa.
Movie industry hair stylist Susan Germaine, who did Jennifer Lopez's locks for ``The Cell'' and is currently combing Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges' hair for the upcoming film ``K-Pax,'' has run her fingers through most of Hollywood's tresses.
It looks natural, everyone loves it," said Douglas, hair stylist, Studio DC.
1 hair stylist chair with shampoo station - and complete inventory of hair care & beauty products.