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The addition of the Continental Fragrances' brands will enable High Ridge Brands to participate in all segments of the hair styling category, strengthening our position with our retail partners.
To arrange an appointment for fine hair styling or personalized consultation visit www.
Nina Riley, VP for marketing at VO5 parent company High Ridge Brands, talked about VO5's place in history of hair styling, and where it is today.
No Inhibition is a sophisticated hair styling line which consists of a number of products, from smoothing creams, styling gels and shaping pomades to moulding muds, modelling wax and texturizing foams.
Stick to topics about hair - the styles or hair styling tips.
At Walk of Beauty, we have always tried to make it as interactive as possible, with the tips and the emerging hair styling trends -- many of our experts presented their very latest styles and techniques to a live audience.
One of the latest launches targets the hair styling market.
In the 1960s, he went back to school to get hip to the hippie look and learn hair styling.
The company also is focusing on the portable hair styling segment of the We're business, which it launched with the Style Shaper butane-powered styling brush.
Despite a wave of product innovations designed to improve the performance and convenience of hair styling appliances, the category is driven largely by replacement sales at a pace that suggests most women wait until their current appliance stops working before purchasing a new one.
manufacturers of Whirl-a-Style hair products, announced plans today to expand sales of their High-Quality, American-Made hair styling products by applying for a GSA Schedule and actively pursuing Federal contracts.
The Lubrizol Corporation's personal and home care business introduced Fixate Design polymer (INCI: Polyacryiate-32) for the "ultimate formulation flexibility for clean, lustrous, long-lasting volume and hold in hair styling applications," according to the company.
Sales account for nearly six in ten hair styling products sold on the high street.
Wild Child, based in Western Australia, is best known as a supplier of all-natural pesticides and has used it expertise to develop a natural hair styling product that prevents head lice infestations.
Monday through Saturday, during the day and in the evenings, nearly 100 male and female students learn their trade by offering various hair styling, skin care and nail care services to the public.