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a band worn around or over the head

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But Jolan, hair ribbon slightly awry, what young grief draws her faint brows together and pouts her soft mouth?
Piotrus, a little boy who runs errands with his mother, asks questions about a poster warning innocent girls of the world's dangers, caresses Alina's lost hair ribbon, and is enraptured by Salome's perfume.
STEP1: I gathered together some shells, some small silver leaves, pearls from an old necklace, some scraps of leather in different colours and a length of gold hair ribbon.
At the same time, details convey to American readers what a Korean child's home might look like, from the elaborately decorated storage cabinets to accessories like the special, flower-patterned box that holds the girl's hair ribbon.
The opening number is just a song about a hair ribbon, but Pam Jolley, as 16-year-old schoolgirl Elizabeth, sets the tone and the standard for the evening.
But his choice of hair ribbon and mini skirt leaves a lot to be desired.
Looks like they had her hands bound," the archaeologist said while holding up what was probably her pink hair ribbon used as a makeshift binding.
It was true--she had a purple hair ribbon, and I had a purple bracelet.
The new image of Maddie in make-up, pink hair ribbon and gold bead necklace is shown along with stills of her sucking on a lolly and reclining playfully.
Then he looked at all the other details-the girl's loose hair ribbon, her unlaced shoes, the various items on the wall above her, the expressions of the grownups just inside the door.
No, this wasn't a battle of Saturday morning cartoons, but rather a friendly AYSO soccer match between two teams of rambunctious five-year-old girls dressed to the nines in cleats, shin guards and hair ribbons.
The sale also includes newspaper clippings with photos circled of hair ribbons and other accessories, or arrows pointing out various hats and dresses.
My heart was beating,'' said the budding violinist clad in a plaid taffeta dress her mother bought from the American Girl doll catalog, matching green hair ribbons and patent leather shoes.
Except for the brown, historic-site signs pointing the way and the bright jumble of key chains, pacifiers, hair ribbons and teddy bears suspended on the encircling chain-link fence, the site remains unmarked.
Wearing their black and gold uniforms with hair ribbons to match, the spry Steelers showed off a routine that they have spent months working to perfect.