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an irresistible urge to pull out your own hair

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Before age 12, hair pulling occurs equally in boys and girls, but later it predominantly occurs in girls, according to psychologist Suzanne Mouton-Odum, a clinical assistant professor at the Baylor College of Medicine.
This study aims at investigating the incidence and clinical correlates of hair pulling, nail biting, and skin picking in a sample of Cypriot teenage dancers.
Hair pulling becomes a compulsive response, with many saying they're barely even aware that they're doing it at first.
2010), for example, is designed to identify the phenomenology as well as the impact of hair pulling and the treatment outcome.
In some cases of trichotillomania, there is an apparent etiological role for stress; hair pulling can be seen as a soothing behavior that is driven by rising tension.
They also found that these individuals spend large amounts of time and money trying to conceal the effects of hair pulling (for example, purchasing hair extensions).
Footsteps and bangs, vibrations through the floor and sensations of gentle touching and hair pulling are some of the experiences of those who believe the hall to be haunted.
McCarley, Spirrison, and Ceminsky (2002) reported on the prevalence of hair pulling behavior among an ethnically diverse college student sample and noted that African Americans reported higher rates of hair pulling a) that resulted in noticeable hair loss and b) in response to skin irritation.
Even if this administrator reveres stereotypical "master" teachers who exact conformity through shrill denunciations, hair pulling, exorcisms and wanton acts of wet-noodle flagellation?
The hair pulling behavior is reinforced through classical and operant conditioning that culminates in an individual reverting to hair pulling as a technique used to reduce tension (Diefenbach et al.
It's important to be clear the hair loss isn't caused by any other medical or dermatological condition and that the hair pulling behaviour cannot be accounted for by another mental disorder.
Through interviews and some great archival footage, we learn about rowdy, hateful fans (chicken wire was needed to separate the ladies from the paying customers), lecherous promoters and all the hair pulling, eye gouging and slapping that went on inside the ring.
At this stage, we explore the unique aspects of the patient's life that could be a direct cause of the hair pulling.
There was some serious hair pulling when Ricky Martin's band failed to turn up to pre- record a performance of his new single She Bangs yesterday.
324), as well as compulsive hair pulling (SN: 9/9/89, p.